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     Sometimes referred to as "radio's master of mystery," the radio series was heard over the CBS radio network from 05/16/42 to 09/08/55.  Bill Foreman was The Whistler in the radio series.  To see the audio CD's from this series that are available, click here: The Whistler.
     This is the seventh of eight feature films in the series.  Released on 02/06/1947, the story line is trucking firm owner Steve Reynolds (played by Richard Dix) is framed for murder by a jealous rival.  A masked assailant steals the truck Steve Reynolds is driving.  The assailant runs down a policeman in the truck, leaving clues pointing to Reynolds as the cop killer.  Reynolds has difficulty proving his innocence, but at the last minute is able to uncloak the real culprit.
     One interesting note here, this is Richard Dix's (a.k.a. "The Jaw") last film appearance after 97 features.
     Several other radio types are not credited for this production, such as Wilbur Hatch for the music.  Also not credited is the voice of The Whistler, Otto Forrest.  The story line is by Edward Bock and Raymond L. Schrock based on a story by Leslie Edgley.  Directed by William Clemens.
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