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The Ordering Process:

     Ordering your programs is an easy straight forward process.  You can order via snail mail, email, telephone or fax.  We simply need to know the series title and the CD numbers.  We'll take it from there.

     The simplest way is click here and type in the series title and the CD numbers.  Of course, if you are ordering all of the CD's for that series, you do not need to list all of the individual numbers.  Just let us know you are ordering all available CD's.

     Include your name, shipping address, and please include a telephone number that we may contact you by in case there is a problem with your order.  If you fax us, please include a fax number that we may fax you back on.  Some fax machines have not been set up to include the faxing number that you have used.
     If you are going to use a credit card, we suggest that you even call us with the number and expiration date, or mail us that information on your first order.  We do not encourage including that information in an email.  With your permission, we will keep that information private and use that credit card, at your direction, for future orders, securing the process until we're told differently.
     Once you've established yourself with us, you will be able to open an account and send an order in for processing, and we will bill you.

     If you are paying through PayPal, use our email account information:

     We process personal checks, Money Orders and all the major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express and PayPal (see above).  PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH!

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     If you send us an order via snail mail, send it to:
     Audio Classics® Archive
     P.O. Box 347
     Howell, MI 48844-0347
     517-545-7577 Phone / Fax


Our Guarantee:     

     We warrant all our CD's, with normal wear and tear, for life.  If you ever have a problem with anything you receive from Audio Classics® Archive, return it for a complete replacement of the same CD.  You must be satisfied with your order.  Refunds of CD's are not normally available to prevent customers from copying the CD's and then requesting a refund.  But, a refund is possible on a case by case basis only after direct contact with us.  CD's must be returned within a day or two of the authorization by Audio Classics for an approved refund.  If CD's are not post marked within two days, again to prevent copying the product and then returning, the refund will be 50% of the original pricing.
     Most orders will be processed within five working days.  Larger orders, depending on size, may take a bit longer and if so we will advise.  Larger orders may be shipped in several boxes.


Audio CD's

     Our audio CD's contain up to 75 minutes worth of programming.  Typically you will receive two 30 minute programs, one 60 minute program, or five 15 minute programs per CD.

     The standard cost per CD is $7.00.  We do offer special pricing with the release of new CD's and from time to time additional special offers.  See our current Specials of the month.

     You will be credited for one free CD for every ten CD's ordered at regular prices  This is for audio CD's only and not our DVD's.  This is per order and not accumulative over several orders and does not include specials.  You must request these free CD's with your order.
     The custom recording cost is $15.00 per CD for a straight transfer from analog to CD.  If restoration work is required, check with us for the extent of the work involved.  On average, the cost is $10.00 per hour of audio time based on approximately two to four hours worth of restoration work.  The time needed, of course, is reflective of the audio quality that we have to work with.
     Beginning June 1, 2002, we will ship each CD in a paper CD sleeve instead of a hard plastic CD jewel case.  We are starting this for two reasons.  First and foremost, the cost of postage is going up again, and not by just a penny or two.  In order to save our customers a large postage cost increase, we are changing to the paper sleeves as a way of saving on shipping weight.  Secondly, many of our customers are storing their collections in CD binders and the CD jewel cases are being tossed away.  However, if you prefer to receive a CD jewel case, please add $0.15 per CD and we will include it with your order.

DVD Video's

     The standard cost per DVD is $10.00.  Our DVD listings provide many radio related items of entertainment.  This allows you more audio programming per single disc.  Watch the website for all the new releases and specials.
Shipping And Handling
     The cost per order for shipping and handling of CD's and/or DVD's ordered is $6.00.  Most orders are shipped via Priority Mail.  However, larger and thereby heavier orders, may be shipped via media mail from time to time at our discretion unless instructed differently by the customer for an increase in shipping costs.
     All non-U.S. orders are charged the actual shipping costs plus $5.00.
Reel-to-reel master tapes
Teac Open Reel Deck  

     From time to time we will offer our reel-to-reel master tapes as they become available.  This is quickly becoming "old technology" and as we move more into the digital world, our master tapes will be looking for a new home.



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