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     To help you in the experience and enjoyment of collecting these old time radio programs from the past, we offer the following index's to various publications, books and broadcast logs that are available.
     All of these publications, books and logs are in the Audio Classics® Archive reference library and I can highly recommend them.  With the exception of the logs by Terry Salomonson that I have written, I receive no compensation or favors from their promotion or sales.  I am acknowledged in a few of these books as having contributed with information contained within them, but the publications, books and logs stand on their own as good solidly researched reference guides.  A few should be considered as indispensable to the collector and lover of old time radio.
Publications and books from:
     Martin Grams, Jr.
     Jay Hickerson
     Laura Leff
     Terry Salomonson
     Susan & David Siegel (Book Hunter Press)
     Steven Beasley
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