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Available From Jay Hickerson
     An absolutely and indispensable guide to virtually every single available.  If you are just starting out to collect old time radio programs, or are searching for one particular broadcast, this is the bible for locally your quest.
The Second, Revised Ultimate History of 
Network Radio Programming and Guide To ALL Circulating Shows
     Original lists of circulating programs were made available from Jay Hickerson starting in 1986 and he finally published his first large combined volume in 1992.  In October of 2001, Jay combined all his update supplements into his Second Revised volume.  Each October he offers update supplements to this massive collection of data.
     This over 560 page reference book lists over 6000 network, regional, local and syndicated radio programs.  Broadcast dates, sponsorships, network, air time, cast members, etc. are contained in this collectors bible.  Many sources to particular broadcasts are given to help the collector find programs they want.
     I consider this publication one of the dozen or so tools that the old time radio collector must have.  Currently, the cost of the 2001 "2nd Revised Ultimate History" is $55.00 plus $4.00 postage and handling which includes the October 1, 2002 first and second supplements.
     The second supplement to the 2nd Revised Ultimate History is available now for $6.50 including P & H.  Both first and second supplements are $11.50 including P & H.
     In addition to this large reference work, Jay also provides many broadcast logs, publishes "Hello Again," now in it's 35th year.  Hello Again is the oldest independent newsletter dedicated to the traders and collectors of old-time radio shows.  Much of the information it contains is contributed by collectors including:  problems and techniques in dubbing, tape quality, what different collectors are doing and what they are looking for, updated info about new radio shows being circulated and logs related to old-time radio, deaths of radio personalities and much more.  It also keeps you up to date on the annual Friends of Old-time Radio Convention.  The next convention is Oct. 21 – 24, 2004  at the Holiday Inn-North, Newark, NJ.
    The first issue received includes listings of all OTR clubs, publications, many dealers and all logs available.  It runs about 4 to 6 pages an issue.
    Subscription is $15.00 a year for 6 issues per year.  Send a SASE for a complimentary copy.  Back issues are $2.50.  Full page ads are accepted.
     Jay's necrology listing of close to 3700 radio personalities; includes date of death and age at death.  All those in radio full time or only occasionally are included including many movie stars and musicians.
     1996 edition plus Supplements #1 – 5 (Latest update October, 2002)  $16.00
     Supplement #5 to 1996 Necrology  $1.00  
     Supplement #4 – 5 to 1996 Necrology  $2.00
     Supplement #3 – 5 to 1996 Necrology  $3.00
     Supplements #2 – 5 to 1996 Necrology  $5.00
     Supplements #1 –5 to 1996 Necrology  $7.00

Broadcast logs available from Jay Hickerson
Logs of Ray Stanich, Ellen Robinson, Martin Grams, Jr  and Randy Eidemiller

Order from Jay Hickerson, Box 4321, Hamden, CT 06514

Please order at least $5.00 worth of logs.  For every $5.00, please add 50 cents for P & H.

Adventurers Club (1947 - 48)  $.50
Adventures by Morse and I Love Adventure  $.50
Adventures of Frank Race  $.50
Adventures of Philip Marlowe  $1.50
Adventures of the Thin Man (Sketchy)  $.50
Andrews Sisters (1944 – 46)  $.50
Arch Oboler Programs  $1.50 (including the following 5 logs)
    Arch Oboler Plays
    Everyman’s Theater
    Everything for the Boys
    Free World Theater
    Plays For Americans
Arthur Hopkins Presents  $.50
Bell Telephone Hour  $6.00
Big Show, The  $1.00
Black Chapel,The  $.50
Broadway Is My Beat  $1.00
Cabin B – 13  $1.50
Case Dismissed and Famous Trials  $.50
Casey, Crime Photographer  $7.00
Cavalcade of America  $10.00
Celebrity Club  $1.00
Charlie Wild  $1.00
Chicago Theater of the Air  $4.00
Circle, The  $.50
City, The (Partial)  $.50
Clock, The and Weird Circle  $.50
Contented Hour (1942 – 45)  $2.50
Crime Club (Partial)  $.50
Crime Does Not Pay  $1.00
Curtain Time  $1.00
Damon Runyon Theater  $.50
Dangerously Yours and Matinee Theater  $1.50
Dark Fantasy  $1.50
Death Valley Days  $8.00
Detour  $.50
Dr. Christian  $8.00
Dr. West’s Celebrity Night  $.50
Easy as ABC  $.50
Electric Hour, The  $4.00
Electric Theater  $1.00
Encore Theater (1946)  $.50
Encores from Bell Telephone Hour  $.50
Eternal Light (1944 - 1962)  $3.00
Family Doctor  $.50
Favorite Story  $1.00
Fireside Chats  $1.00
First Nighter  $12.00
Forecast  $.50
For This We Fight  $.50
Front and Center  $.50
Frontier Fighters  $.50
Frontier Gentleman and Fort Laramie  $.50
Frontier Town  $.50
General Electric Theater  $.50
Good News (1937 – 40)  $1.50
Grand Marquee  $.50
Greatest Story Ever Told  $3.00
Great Moments in Music  $3.50
Great Scenes From Great Plays  $.50
Green Lama, The  $.50
Guest Star (#1 - 510) Most  $5.00
Hallmark Playhouse/Hall of Fame  $3.50
Harvest of Stars, The  $3.00
Have Gun, Will Travel  $.50
Helen Hayes (Textron Theater)  $.50
Here’s To Veterans (#1 - 140) Most  $1.00
Hollywood Hotel  $3.50
Hollywood Players  $.50
Hollywood Sound Stage  $.50
Hollywood Star Playhouse  $1.50
Hollywood Star Time  $1.00
Hour of Mystery  $.50
Inner Sanctum  $6.50
Inspector Thorne  $.50
In the Name of the Law  $.50
Intrigue  $.50
Jeff Regan  $.50
Jungle Jim  $4.00
Keep ‘em Rolling  $1.00
Kenny Baker Program (1944)   $.50
Knickerbocker Playhouse  $.50
Lights Out  $1.50
Lincoln Highway  $1.00
Luke Slaughter of Tombstone  $.50
Magic Key, The (Sketchy)    .50
Molle Mystery Theater (Complete)  $3.50 including the following
    Hearthstone of the Death Squad (Sketchy)
    Mark Sabre (Sketchy)
Mr. and Mrs. North (Sketchy)  $.50
Mr. Chameleon (Most)  $1.00
Murder By Experts (Most)  $.50
Music America Loves Best (Partial)  $1.00
NBC Star Playhouse  $.50
NBC Theater of the Air and World’s Greatest Novels  $3.00
Nick Carter and Chick Carter  $6.00
Nightbeat  $.50
Nightfall  $1.50
Once Upon a Tune  $.50
On Stage  $.50
Orson Welles Almanac  $.50
Orson Welles Theater (Lady Esther)  $.50
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater  $1.00
Pat Novak  $.50
Paul Weston Show  $.50
People Act, The  $.50
Perry Mason (Partial: 1943 – 47)  $1.00
Philco Radio Hall of Fame  $1.00
Philco Radio Playhouse  $.50
Philip Morris Playhouse, Johnny Presents, Great Moments From Great Plays  $4.00
Police Headquarters  $.50
Popeye, the Sailor (1936 – 37)  $.50
Presenting Boris Karloff  $.50
Private Files of Rex Saunders  $.50
Prudential Family Hour  $4.00
Prudential Family Hour of Stars  $1.50
Quiet Please  $1.00
Radio City Playhouse  $.50
Radio Reader’s Digest  $4.00
Railroad Hour  $1.00
Request Performance  $.50
Richard Diamond (Partial)  $2.00   
Road Ahead, The  $.50
Rocky Jordan  $1.00
Rogers of the Gazette  $.50
Rogue’s Gallery  $.50
Romance  $4.00
Rudy Vallee (Fleischmann Hour and Royal Gelatin Hour: Dramas performed 1932 – 39  $3.00
Screen Directors Playhouse  $1.00
Sears Radio Theater  $1.00
Shadow of Fu Manchu  $.50
Silver Theater  $4.00
Somerset Maugham Theater  $.50
Stage Door Canteen  $2.50
Star and the Story, The  $.50
Star For a Night  $.50
Stars in the Air  $.50
Sunday With Garroway  $.50
Tales of Fatima  $.50
Tales of Tomorrow  $.50
Tarzan (1952 - 53)  $.50
Tell It Again  $.50
Terror By Night  $.50
Texaco Star Theater  $3.00
Theater, USA  $.50
This is Hollywood  $.50
This is My Best  $.50
This is War  $.50
Time for Love  $.50
Tish  $.50
To the President  $.50
Treasury Salute  $2.00
Turning Points  $.50
Two on a Clue  $.50
Vick’s Open House  $.50
Voice of Firestone  $9.00
War Town  $.50
Westinghouse Program  $3.00
We Take Your Word  $.50
What’s New  $.50
Whistler, The  $5.00
Whitehall 1212  $.50
Woolworth Hour  $2.50
World Security Workshop  $.50
World We Live In, The  $.50
You and Your Security  $.50
     Jay is also the promoter of The Friends Of Old Time Radio in Newark, NJ each year.  This great gathering of fans and performers has been held each year since 1971.  One of the oldest and largest in the country.
     Contact Jay Hickerson at:
Jay Hickerson
27436 Desert Rose Court
Leesburg, FL 34748

(352) 728-6731
FAX (352) 326-2506
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