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Printed Broadcast Logs & Books
     Available from Terry Salomonson are the following radio broadcast logs and books.  These broadcast swiss replica watches logs and books are well researched and offer the best information regarding a particular broadcast series that you can find.  In some cases, years of research have gone into the production of these logs.  If you want to collect old time radio programs, broadcast logs and books are the best way to see what was done and when it was done.  You will learn about unknown audition programs, lead changes, and even scripts that were produced, but never aired.  We are always adding additional logs and books to our stock, so if you do not see a log or book that you are looking for, why not drop us a note and ask about your favorite.

     Also, don't forget to check out the logs we've made available on this website.  Click here.
The Green Hornet: A History Of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics, and Television
  By Martin Grams, Jr. and replica handbags Terry Salomonson
The Broadcast Logs
CHALLENGE OF THE YUKON Log by Terry Salomonson
DRAGNET Log by Terry Salomonson
THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE Log by Terry Salomonson
THE GREEN HORNET Log by Terry Salomonson
THE LONE RANGER Log by Terry Salomonson
THE LUM 'N' ABNER Log by Terry Salomonson
THE WESTERN LOGS by Terry Salomonson
YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR Log by Terry Salomonson

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