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Books By Martin Grams, Jr.
     Available from Martin Grams, Jr. are the following books.  These books are well researched and offer the best information regarding that particular subject that you can find.  In some cases, years of research have gone into the production of these books.  If you want to collect old time radio programs, learn the most information about your favorite radio and television programs, and to see what was done and when it was done, these books are your best source.  You will learn about unknown audition programs, lead changes, and even scripts that were produced, but never aired.  Mr. Grams is always adding additional books, so in the future continue to check these pages for his released publication releases.

Suspense: Twenty Years Of Thrills And Chills
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
The History Of The Cavalcade Of America
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
The CBS Radio Mystery Theater: An Episode Guide And Handbook
  To Nine Years Of Broadcasting, 1974 - 1982
    by Gordon Payton and Martin Grams, Jr.
Radio Drama: American Programs, 1932 - 1962
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
The Have Gun - Will Travel Companion
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
The Alfred Hitchcock Presents Companion
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
Invitation To Learning
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
The Sound Of Detection: Ellery Queen's Adventures In Radio
    by Francis M. Nevins and Martin Grams, Jr.
The I Love A Mystery Companion
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
Inner Sanctum Mysteries: Behind The Creaking Door
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
Information Please
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
Gang Busters: The Crime Fighters Of American Broadcasting
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
The Railroad Hour
    by Gerald Wilson and Martin Grams, Jr.
I Led Three Lives: The True Story Of Herbert A. Philbrick's Television Program
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
The Radio Adventures Of Sam Spade
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
The Twilight Zone: Unlocking The Door To A Television Classic
    by Martin Grams, Jr.
The Green Hornet: A History Of Radio, Motion Pictures, comics, and Television
    by Martin Grams, Jr. and Terry Salomonson

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