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Stroke Of Fate

     This series offers what might have happened if a historical fact or two changed and how that would have affected history.
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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  10/04/53 # 1 What Might Have Happened If General Lee Had
                          Accepted Lincoln's Offer To Command The Union Army
  10/11/53 # 2 Queen Elizabeth I And The Earl Of Essex
  10/18/53 # 3 What Might Had Happened Had Hamilton Killed Burr
  10/25/53 # 4 What Might Had Happened Had Marie Antoinette
                          Escaped The Guillotine
  11/01/53 # 5 What Might Had Happened Had Lincoln Obtained The
                          Consular Job He Wanted In 1841
  11/08/53 # 6 What Might Had Happened Had Benedict Arnold
                          Plot To Betrayed America Succeeded
  11/15/53 # 7 What Might Had Happened Had Julius Caesar Wed Cleopatra
  11/22/53 # 8 What Might Had Happened Had The French In 1936 Used
                          Force To Oppose Hitler's Occupation Of The Rhineland
  11/29/53 # 9 What Might Had Happened Had The French Won The Battle
                          Of Quebec In 1759
  12/06/53 #10 The Alaska Purchase
  12/13/53 #11 What Might Had Happened If Alexander The Great Lived
                          To Continue His Conquest Of The West
  12/20/53 #12 What Might Had Happened If America's First Secret
                           Weapon - A One Man Submarine - Succeeded In The
                           Revolutionary War
  12/27/53 #13 What Might Had Happened If Fate Prevented The Norman
                           Conquest Of England In 1066 (Last Episode)
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