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     Your Hit Parade was originally heard over the NBC network from 04/20/35 to 12/01/37 as a 60 minute broadcast.  From 05/02/36 to 04/19/47 the series moved to CBS as a 60 minute program, then changed to a 45 minute format and finally as a 30 minute show.  The final radio presentation was again back on NBC from 04/26/47 to 01/16/53.  While a few of the following are network broadcasts, most are from AFRS re-broadcasts to the troops.
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 30 minute format unless otherwise noted.
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  11/14/42 White Christmas (Closing Clipped)
  11/21/42 White Christmas (VG-) (AFRS)
  12/07/42 White Christmas (Rehearsal) (44:38)
  01/09/43 There Are Such Things (VG) (AFRS)
  11/13/43 Paper Doll (VG+) (AFRS)
  12/04/43 People Will Say We’re In Love (VG-) (AFRS)
  01/22/44 My Heart Tells Me (VG-) (AFRS)
  02/19/44 I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night (AFRS)
  02/12/44 Shoo Shoo Baby (VG) (AFRS)
  05/13/44 Long Ago & Far Away (AFRS)
  05/20/44 Long Ago & Far Away (AFRS)
  06/03/44 Long Ago & Far Away (VG) (AFRS)
  06/10/44 Long Ago & Far Away (AFRS)
  07/01/44 I’ll Be Seeing You (AFRS)
  07/08/44 I’ll Be Seeing You (VG-) (AFRS)
  07/15/44 I’ll Be Seeing You (VG+) (AFRS)
  09/29/45 Till The End Of Time (AFRS)
                          (AFRS – 1948 Red Cross reference given at start w/Eddie Cantor
                           and at the end w/Herbert Marshal)
  10/06/45 Till The End Of Time (AFRS)
  03/20/48 I’m Looking Over A Four Leave Clover w/Frank Sinatra
  05/08/48 Now Is The Hour (VG) (wow)
  05/22/48 Nature Boy (VG+)
  05/29/48 Nature Boy
  06/26/48 Nature Boy
  07/10/48 The Woody Woodpecker Song (VG)
  06/17/44 Long Ago & Far Away (VG+)
  09/11/48 A Tree In The Meadow
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