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Wormwood Forest

     This NBC juvenile series was produced locally from WSM in Nashville, TN starting on 01/08/49.  The series was from written by Tom Tischner and was heard on Saturdays at 5:15 p.m.  Among the animal characters heard are Suzie Shunk, Strauss The Mouse, Dippy Dwarf, Kitty Cat, Postman Possum, Grandpa Fox, Timothy Turtle, Barbara Q. Pig, Gerald Grasshopper, Eager Beaver, Frankie Frog, Tallulah (Ta-lulu) Tobacco Worm, Swindler Q. Fox (who sounds very much like the Digger O'Dell character from The Life Of Riley), Swami Salami, Henrietta Hen, Muscles Muskrat and Sherlock Hound.

Each of the following broadcasts are 15 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  01/08/49 # 1 The Telephone Hotel Reservation
  01/15/49 # 2 Suzie Skunk’s Radio Problems
  01/22/49 # 3 Dippy Dwarf’s Special Letter From Walt Disney
  01/29/49 # 4 Barbara Q. Pig Has Noise Problems
  02/05/49 # 5 Barbara Q. Pig Wants To Build A Hotel
  02/12/49 # 6 Dippy Dwarf Needs A Valentine
  02/19/49 # 7 Barbara Q. Pig Goes To The Ballet
  02/26/49 # 8 Barbara Q. Pig Changes Hotel Plans
  03/12/49 #10 The Big Amateur Show
  03/19/49 #11 Barbara Q. Pig Opens Her New Hotel
  03/26/49 #12 Frankie And Kitty Help Suzie Skunk
  04/02/49 #13 Frankie Frog Tries To Win “Wormwood Body Beautiful”
  04/09/49 #14 Frankie Frog To Become A Wrestler
  04/16/49 #15 “Gorgeous Frog” vs. The Easter Bunny
  04/23/49 #16 “Gorgeous Frog” vs. Big Boy Bear, The Bone Crusher
  04/30/49 #17 Wrestling Match In The Brook
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