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     This comedy series was heard beginning on 06/29/32 and lasted until 09/19/46.  This series was heard on the following networks.  Beginning on the Blue Network, then NBC, CBS and finally Mutual.  For awhile it was heard concurrently during the weekday on three networks at the same time.

Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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The following broadcasts represent the most complete collection known.  Length of programs vary from portions and excerpts to now complete examples.  Many have been upgraded from just the body of the show to now having complete opening and closing commercials and audio upgrades.  All are 15 minutes each (or less).  The last 8 broadcasts are the 30 format versions.
  05/27/1937 Decoration Day
  06/04/1937 Sade’s Trip To Dwight
  11/28/1937 Congress and Supreme Court (5 minute excerpt only)
  03/03/1938 Official Host
  11/30/1938 Vic’s New Hat
  01/02/1939 Lodge Regalia Out On Loan
  01/16/1939 Flower Garden Arranger
  03/08/1939 Mr. Erickson’s House Repairs
  04/25/1939 Rotton Davis Telephones
  04/26/1939 Sade’s New Luggage
  05/11/1939 Overnight Guests
  06/01/1939 Grandpa Snyder’s Christmas Cards
  06/05/1939 Y.Y. Flirch Tries To Phone Vic
  06/13/1939 Porch Collapses-Rotton Davis Takes Blame
  07/05/1939 Two Tons of Coal
  08/30/1939 Rush’s Pre-selected School Clothes
  09/06/1939 Office Invoices and Magnifying Glass
  09/22/1939 Sade Names Wildflowers
  10/06/1939 Double Feature in Hopewood
  10/30/1939 Five Christmas Card Salesmen
  10/31/1939 Blue-Tooth Hides under Davenport
  11/06/1939 Charlie Razorscum’s Fish Picture
  11/07/1939 Smelly Clark Makes a Speech
  11/14/1939 Rush the House Destroyer
  11/21/1939 Smelly Clark Solicits Gifts
  12/00/1939 Rush Is Getting On In Years
  00/00/1939 Letter To Walter
  00/00/1939 Mr. Gumpox Offers Sade a Stall
  00/00/1939 Rush Resigns From Clubs
  00/00/1939 Sade Volunteers Rush For Pageant
  00/00/1939 Rush Lists Speaking Acquaintances
  00/00/1939 Vic’s Geographical Trip
  00/00/1939 Vic’s Christmas Card List
  01/02/1940 No Painted Portrait of Big Dipper
  01/09/1940 Sade Tells Gossip
  01/12/1940 Vegetable Garden
  01/19/1940 Mr. Gumpox vs. Mr. Donahue (7 minute excerpt only)
  01/22/1940 R.J. Konk’s Improved Portrait
  01/24/1940 Y.Y. Flirch, Best Looking Man
  02/20/1940 Rush’s Good Looks (10 minute excerpt only)
  02/27/1940 Deep Currents of High School Life
  03/19/1940 Bess’ Letter with Grocery List
  03/25/1940 Smelly Clark’s Big Date
  03/27/1940 Vic Fakes the Coronet
  03/29/1940 No Trip to Chicago
  04/04/1940 Rush Must Call On Girl
  04/08/1940 Can Blue-Tooth Sue the Bijou?
  04/10/1940 Nicer Scott to Sleep Over for Two Weeks
  04/17/1940 Vic’s Heart Shaped Face
  05/03/1940 Engine Cab Ride to Chicago
  05/06/1940 Working Out Hank’s Indebtedness
  05/15/1940 Vic’s Picture Mislabeled
  05/27/1940 Miss Scott Getting Too Chummy
  05/29/1940 Nicer Scott the Goader
  06/13/1940 Short Bio of Little Dipper
  06/14/1940 Last Day of School
  06/17/1940 Mr. Sludge to Sleep Over
  06/18/1940 June Christmas Card Pressure
  06/19/1940 Vic’s Wide Brimmed Hat
  06/21/1940 Hank’s Job at Royal Throne Barbershop
  06/24/1940 Mr. Gumpox Blows Kisses
  07/01/1940 Ruthie Has Secrets
  07/04/1940 Mr. Sludge Calls His Mother (VG-)
  07/22/1940 Mr. Donahue’s Demotion
  07/23/1940 The Razorscum Family Album
  08/14/1940 Bacon Sandwiches
  09/00/1940 Mr. Sludge Grows a Moustache
  10/23/1940 Hot Soup (VG-)
  11/19/1940 Man Caught In Revolving Door
  12/17/1940 Lifetime Pass to Bijou
  12/23/1940 Bess’ Letter From 1937
  12/31/1940 Howard Has a New Harness
  12/00/1940 H.K. Fleeber’s 48 Teeth
  00/00/1940 Ms.Applerot Pushes Sade Around
  00/00/1940 Hank’s $200 Wardrobe
  00/00/1940 Milton’s Dirt in Fruit Jars
  00/00/1940 Mr. Donahue Gets a Promotion
  00/00/1940 Shake Hands With R.J. Konk
  00/00/1940 Teaching Mr. Chinbunny to Smoke
  00/00/1940 Something In the Wind
  01/21/1941 Demise of Bernice
  01/23/1941 Vic Now on Marching Team
  01/24/1941 Mr. Ruebush Has To Wait
  01/25/1941 Beautiful, Beautiful Wallpaper
  01/00/1941 South American Wallpaper
  02/03/1941 Catch With Wallpaper
  02/07/1941 Landlady’s Photo Album
  02/11/1941 Fred Considers Joining Lodge
  02/16/1941 Manual for Lodge Wives
  02/24/1941 Uncle Fletcher to Meet 1am Train
  02/25/1941 No Marching For Sade
  03/14/1941 Marching Team Pictures
  03/18/1941 After Dinner Talk (7 minute excerpt only) (VG)
  03/25/1941 Muddled Shopping Money
  03/27/1941 Hank’s Weather Service (Last Blue Network Episode?)
  03/31/1941 Rush Wants His Interest
  03/00/1941 Company Coming-13 People
  04/04/1941 Dinner Invitation Withdrawn
  04/23/1941 Sleep Tight, Mr. Donahue
  04/00/1941 40 lbs of Golf Clubs
  04/00/1941 Shopping Trip $5 Bank
  04/00/1941 Vic Wins Wide-Brimmed Hat
  05/02/1941 Vic’s Picture on Quarterly Cover
  05/12/1941 Exalted Big Dipper Day
  05/13/1941 Uncle Fletcher Wants Mementos Stored
  1941-1942-1 Uncle Fletcher’s Trip to Dixon
  1941-1942-2 Washrag Collection
  05/16/1941 Uncle Fletcher’s Doorstop Plan
  05/21/1941 Key Collection (VG-)
  05/30/1941 Five Men from Maine
  05/00/1941 Rush the Bulletin Board Monitor
  06/01/1941 Calling Long Distance
  06/03/1941 The Hammock (VG)
  06/04/1941 Grand Old Lodge Lady
  06/09/1941 Letter Writing Plot
  06/30/1941 Who’s Who in Kitchenware
  07/01/1941 The Easy Chair
  07/00/1941 Fred’s Concrete Partition
  08/26/1941 Uncle Fletcher the Projector
  09/09/1941 Vic Gets Gift Wrap Again
  09/17/1941 Uncle Fletcher Helps with Dusting
  09/29/1941 Bright Kentucky Hotel Speaker
  10/08/1941 Sade’s Surprise Christmas Gift
  10/09/1941 It’s Algebra, Uncle Fletcher
  10/10/1941 Fred’s Fifth Tire
  10/14/1941 Vic Declines Coronet Lessons
  10/31/1941 Broken Alarm Clocks (VG+)
  11/04/1941 Send the Slippers Back
  11/05/1941 Vic’s Christmas Gift List
  11/20/1941 Rush Humiliated on Thanksgiving
  11/00/1941 Crowded Car Ride
  11/00/1941 No Hooky for Vic & Rush
  12/01/1941 Bert & Winnie/Plant 17 Trip (VG)
  12/08/1941 The Bottom Buffet Drawer (VG)
  12/12/1941  34 Christmas Gifts (VG)
  12/25/1941 North Dakota River Bottom Revel (VG-)
  12/00/1941 Left & Right Handed Stacey Yopp (VG-)
  12/00/1941 Strictly Business Christmas Loan
  00/00/1941 14 Days in Grovelman, SC
  00/00/1941 Iceberg Lecture (5 minute excerpt) (VG)
  00/00/1941 Landlord’s Sneaky Trick
  00/00/1941 Mr. Chinbunny Eats Ice Cream
  02/11/1942 Fred Lectures on Budgeting
  02/13/1942 Prize Clock (VG)
  02/17/1942 Hank Gutstop-Hostess
  02/18/1942 Edith Suggin’s Visit (VG)
  02/19/1942 Uncle Fletcher Comes To Visit
  02/24/1942 Rawhide Shoestrings (VG)
  02/26/1942 Putting Up the Porch Swing
  02/00/1942 Donahue’s Doorbell (VG)
  03/03/1942 Accounting For the Sponduliks (VG+)
  03/04/1942 Roomwarming (VG-)
  03/06/1942 Tornado Gook (VG-)
  03/09/1942 Uncle Fletcher’s Unopened Letter
  03/12/1942 Vic’s Business Lunch
  03/00/1942 Miss Applerot’s Petition
  04/06/1942 Scrap Drive
  05/15/1942 Mentioned In Dispatch (5 minute excerpt) (VG)
  06/08/1942 Fourth Letter from Bess
  07/16/1942 A Gross of Gravels
  08/06/1942 Christmas Cards Arrive C.O.D.
  08/09/1942 Thimble Club Ladies Plan Visits
  08/18/1942 Cleaning the Attic
  08/24/1942 Rush’s New School Clothes (VG+)
  09/14/1942 Sade & Ruthie Come Out Even
  09/15/1942 Letter from HK Fleeber
  10/01/1942 Cherry Phosphates
  10/12/1942 The Mayor (1 minute excerpt) (VG-)
  10/20/1942 Fred’s Concrete Floor
  10/27/1942 Office Suggestion Box
  11/20/1942 Smelly Clark the Barber
  12/07/1942 Miss Nagle to Break Up Lee Street
  00/00/1942 Lodge Speech Rehearsal (VG)
  00/00/1942 The Thunderstorm
  00/00/1942 Trip To Carberry
  00/00/1942 Vic to Leave on Business Trip
  01/04/1943 Honorary Titles for Sale
  01/07/1943 Fred Might Join Lodge
  01/23/1943 Phone Call from the Hinks
  02/15/1943 Dottie’s Letter from Chuck
  02/16/1943 Leland Richards Is Coming
  02/17/1943 Leland Richards Is Homesick
  03/05/1943 Vic Entertains Dottie
  03/10/1943 Chuck and Dottie Wash Dishes
  03/18/1943 Miss Applerot vs. Dottie
  03/31/1943 Brainfeeble’s Housewarming
  04/12/1943 Dottie’s New Dress
  06/08/1943 Vic Reluctant to Put up Porch Swing
  07/12/1943 Lodge Regalia on the Wagon
  07/23/1943 Lodge Robe Needs Altering
  08/20/1943 Picking Up Vic from the Railroad Station
  09/20/1943 50 Photos Of Vic’s Teeth
  10/01/1943 Sewing Buttons
  10/11/1943 Victor R. Gook Fontonelle
  10/26/1943 Pompom Cordova:  Honorary Lodge Member
  10/27/1943 Thimble Club Ladies Meeting
  11/08/1943 Essay On Birds
  11/10/1943 Phone Call Interruptions
  11/11/1943 B.B. Baugh and Stingyberry Jam
  11/12/1943 Uncle Fletcher’s Packing Problem
  11/15/1943 Ike Kneesuffer’s Snapshots
  11/19/1943 Pompom Cordova
  11/26/1943 Boss’s Christmas Present
  11/29/1943 Garbage Wagon Pass
  11/30/1943 Sweet Esther, WI Parades
  11/00/1943 Watch Fob Collection
  12/02/1943 Cleaning the Bookcase
  12/15/1943 Color of Mr. Gumpox’s Eyes
  12/27/1943 Invoice Preparations
  00/00/1943 Russell Miller, Con Artist
  01/24/1944 Vic Asleep On The Couch
  01/25/1944 Missouri State Home for the Tall
  02/03/1944 Sixty Pairs of Pants (VG)
  02/04/1944 Mr. Sludge Grows a Moustache
  02/25/1944 History of Plant 14 (VG)
  03/01/1944 Hank Gutstop’s Dinner Party
  03/07/1944 Hank Gutstop’s Proposition
  03/17/1944 Vic’s Cancelled Trip
  03/20/1944 Mysterious Skulkers (VG+)
  04/03/1944 Fred Stembottom Changes His Name to Ted
  04/05/1944 Roy’s Formula for Hyena Grease
  04/07/1944 Solo March (VG+)
  04/19/1944 B.B. Baugh:  The Dentist’s Friend (VG+)
  05/01/1944 Lodge Holiday Home Visits
  05/30/1944 Lolita Di Rienzi’s Suggestion
  06/02/1944 Teaching Mr. Chinbunny to Smoke Cigars
  06/07/1944 Elkskin Shoelaces
  06/09/1944 The Lunges Are Coming
  06/12/1944 Professor Russell the Tutor
  06/13/1944 The Prettiest Eyes Contest
  06/14/1944 Dead Man’s Watch Job
  06/15/1944 Another Letter from Bess
  06/16/1944 Piercing Blue Eyes
  06/19/1944 500 Tickets to the Bijou
  06/20/1944 No More Pretty Boy
  06/21/1944 Rishigan Fishigan’s Secret
  06/22/1944 Gaggle of June Christmas Card Sellers
  06/23/1944 Lodge Telescope Broke
  06/26/1944 The Boys Avoid Instructions
  06/27/1944 Fradulent Job Rejected
  06/28/1944 Cough Nixes Buller Letter
  06/29/1944 War Bond Visitor
  06/30/1944 Russell Stays With Milton
  07/04/1944 Sade Decides To Play Rummy
  07/05/1944 Big Dipper Dashes For Robe
  07/06/1944 Where to Hide the Ritual
  07/07/1944 Second Letter from Yellow Jump
  07/10/1944 Vic Cajoles and Plays Rummy
  07/11/1944 Don’t Scrape Off the Watts
  07/12/1944 Phone call from Yellow Jump
  07/13/1944 Uncle Fletcher Miffed With Sade
  07/14/1944 Sade Short Changed
  07/17/1944 Marching Plans Disappear
  07/18/1944 Sale at Yamiltons
  07/19/1944 Uncle Fletcher’s New Lodgings
  07/20/1944 Uncle Fletcher Moves to the Butler House
  07/24/1944 Robert & Slobert are Scoundrels
  07/25/1944 Mr. Donahue Hates Vacations
  07/26/1944 Sade Pleads To See a Movie
  07/27/1944 Vic’s Foreign Accent
  07/28/1944 Garbage Box Mystery
  07/31/1944 Hank Cuts His Debt to Vic
  08/01/1944 No Old Overshoes
  08/02/1944 Ms. Harris vs. Ms. Overholt
  08/03/1944 Sunday school Alumni Reunion
  08/04/1944 Vic Is Boss for a Day
  08/07/1944 No Dinner Today
  08/08/1944 Russell In Charge of Howard
  08/09/1944 Hunt For Lost Teeth
  08/10/1944 Sade Struggles With a Letter
  08/11/1944 Uncle Fletcher Must Rest Body & Brain
  08/14/1944 Uncle Fletcher’s Rest Extended
  08/15/1944 A Vacation from a Vacation
  08/16/1944 A Great Picture of Vic
  09/01/1944 Arranging the Honeymoon (VG)
  09/04/1944 Wedding Guest List (VG)
  09/05/1944 Sade Reckons Her Debtors
  09/06/1944 Muted Silver Moonbeam Chimes
  09/07/1944 Mysterious Mother-of-Pearl Box (VG-)
  09/08/1944 Business Trip to Chicago
  09/11/1944 Uncle Fletcher Looks for a Guide (VG-)
  09/12/1944 Changing Tires with Ted Stembottom (VG-)
  09/13/1944 Aunt Bess’ Ham-Ham Letter (VG)
  09/14/1944 Working Out Gutstop’s Indebtedness (VG-)
  09/15/1944 Uncle Fletcher Need’s Sade’s Help (VG-)
  09/18/1944 Vic’s Greeting Cards (VG-)
  09/19/1944 Vic Is to Be Best Man (VG)
  09/20/1944 Reverend V. Cook’s Letter (VG)
  09/21/1944 Groom Arrives on the 9:45
  09/22/1944 Vic’s Unheard News
  09/25/1944 Saving Blue-Tooth from Tragedy
  09/26/1944 Box of Old Letters
  09/27/1944 The Bridegroom Disappears
  09/28/1944 Vic Duns Kleebergers
  09/29/1944 Good-Bye
  03/18/1945 Vic & His Hat (actually a Philco Radio Hall of Fame excerpt) (VG-)
  11/19/1945 Uncle Fletcher: Unwanted Samaritan
  11/20/1945 Ms. Korkell:  Strong Lady
  11/21/1945 Jimmy Custard: City Callestalker
  11/23/1945 Five Sleeping Beauties
  11/26/1945 Sweet Corn is a Shattered Bullfinch
  11/27/1945 Sade’s Parade of Interrupters
  11/29/1945 Uncle Fletcher Arranges Phone calls
  11/30/1945 Dwight Twentysixler’s Scrapbook
  12/03/1945 A Dull Evening Comes To Life
  12/04/1945 Orville Fired and Rehired
  12/05/1945 An Engagement
  12/06/1945 Rainy Day Fun in the Kitchen (VG+)
  12/07/1945 There’s Going to Be a Great Day
  06/27/1946 Piano Lessons (edited and poor quality) (VG-)
(30 minutes each)
  07/04/1946 Woman’s Auxiliary
  07/11/1946 Police Chief Cullerson
  07/18/1946 Mid Summer Madness
  07/25/1946 Moving to Peoria (Poor/Good)
  08/01/1946 Drum the Bum
  08/08/1946 The Honeymoon Couple
  08/22/1946 Sade & Miss Kessler Fight
  08/29/1946 Uncle Fletcher’s Pre Arranged Meals (VG-)
  07/21/67 THE BOB FERRIS SHOW - KNX Interview w/Bill Idelson (Rush) On Vic & Sade
                    (VG+) (First 73 minutes – not complete)
                    Also with Rhonda Williams and Marty Halperin
                    (Basil Rathbone died today 07/21/67 mentioned at the start of the show)
                    (Minor audio interference during last third of broadcast)
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