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The World Is Yours

     First broadcast as Treasure House, this NBC Educational Feature in conjunction with The United States Department Of The Interior Office Of Education and The Smithsonian Institution, was heard from 06/14/36 to 05/03/42 as a sustained program.
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 30 minute format unless otherwise noted.
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  12/19/37 # 80 Drugs And Medicine
  12/26/37 # 81 Christmas In The Colonies
  01/02/38 # 82 The True DeSoto
  01/09/38 # 83 Masters Behind The Mellon Masterpieces
  01/16/38 # 84 Land vs. Weather
  01/23/38 # 85 The Saga Of The Sewing Machine
  01/30/38 # 86 Whales, The Largest Mammals (No Closing credits)
  02/06/38 # 87 The Four Elements Of Mechanics
  02/13/38 # 88 Snakes, Big And Little
  02/20/38 # 89 The Lincoln Legend
                           (Starts with a special news bulletin from London)
  02/27/38 # 90 Electricity
  03/06/38 # 91 Man Against Insects
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