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The Whisperer

     Short run strange NBC series heard from 07/08/51 to 12/16/51 starring Carleton Young as Philip Gault a lawyer with a strange speech pattern after his vocal cords are crushed in an accident.  A surgeon performs an operation that not only restores his normal speech pattern, but allows him to revert back to a whispering speech whenever he wants.  Besides the surgeon, the only one who knows about this is nurse Ellen Morris played by Betty Moran.
Each of the following broadcasts are 22 to 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  07/08/51 # 1 Tea Time For Teenagers
  07/15/51 # 2 Attempted Murder
  07/22/51 # 3 Hippity Hoppity (VG)
  07/29/51 # 4 Policeman In Danger
  08/05/51 # 5 What Ye Sow
  08/12/51 # 6 The Fight Game (VG+)
  08/19/51 # 7 Into Each Life
  08/26/51 # 8 Taken For A Ride (Slight distortion) (VG-)
  09/02/51 # 9 Stanley Hayes Must Die By Midnight (Slight distortion)  (VG+)
  09/09/51 #10 Woman On Ice (Slight distortion)  (VG-)
  09/16/51 #11 Never The Twain (Slight distortion)  (VG-)
  09/23/51 #12 The Police Lieutenant (Slight distortion)  (VG-)
  09/30/51 #13 Strange Bed Fellows (Slight distortion) (VG-)
                          (End Of The Series)
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