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The Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen

     Elliott Lewis slipped into the role of Philip Carney, the master of the ketch Scarlet Queen in this Mutual radio program.  Heard in the support cast were Ben Wright, John Dehner and William Conrad.

Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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  02/02/47 Death Of David Malone w/Howard Duff (Audition)
  07/03/47 # 1 The Shanghai Secret  w/Elliott Lewis
  07/10/47 # 2 Report Of The White Jade Buddha
  07/17/47 # 3 The Spaniard And The Laskar Pirates
  07/24/47 # 4 The Boston Geisha And Chesapeake Bay
  07/31/47 # 5 The Lily In The Chimolpo Bar
  08/07/47 # 6 The White Cargo Act And Ah Sin
  08/21/47 # 8 Story Of The Eight Historic Periods
  08/28/47 # 9 The Barefoot Nymph And The Mother Hubbard Jacket
  09/11/47 #11 The Jewel Thieves And The Straw Filled Dummy
  09/18/47 #12 The Courtship Of Anna May Lamour
  09/25/47 #13 Shore Leave And The Unhappy Wife
  10/02/47 #14 The Fat Trader And The Sword Of Apokaejiam
  10/09/47 #15 The Tattooed Beaver And Baby Food For Pare Pare
  10/16/47 #16 Ah Sin And The Balinese Beaux Arts Ball
  10/23/47 #17 Grafter's Fort And The Black Pearl Of Galahla Bay
  10/30/47 #18 King Ascot And The Maid In Waiting
  11/06/47 #19 The Lonely Sultan Of Isabella de Basilan
  11/13/47 #20 Kang's Treasure And The Ghost Of Tangolan Bay
  11/20/47 #21 The Beautiful Girl In The Bargain Basement
  11/27/47 #22 The Huntsman's Quarry And The Dead Chinese
  12/03/47 #23 The Green Tourist And The Temple Bell
  12/10/47 #24 The Wandering Master And The Warlord At Rest
  12/17/47 #25 Red Beard And The Bag Of Pearls
  12/24/47 #26 15th Llama And The Wise Guy From The East
  12/31/47 #27 Hattie McCormick And The Patient Stowaway
  01/07/48 #28 The Derelict And The Wandering Boy
  01/14/48 #29 Fang Rubies And The Black Siamese
  01/21/48 #30 Ambitious Hostess On South Bridge Road
  01/28/48 #31 The Bubble Dancer And The Buccaneers
  02/04/48 #32 Pegleg Skipper And The Iberian Blade
  02/11/48 #33 Rocky, III And The Deadman's Chest
  02/18/48 #34 The Queen Anne Pistols And The Dealer On King George Road
  02/25/48 #35 The Winchester Rifle And The Ambitious Groom
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