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     Not much information is currently available at this time for this NBC program.  It presents current events in the news.
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 15 minute format unless otherwise noted.
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  10/14/38 Minorities And The Threat To World Peace (Slight Wow Near Start)
  10/21/38 Great Britain And The Four Power Pact
  02/17/39 Appeasement Marches On
  10/27/39 The Polish Question Haunts Europe Anew
  05/24/40 The Third Invasion Of France
  11/08/40 The War In Greece
  05/02/41 The Riddle Of The Straits
  11/02/41 Hitler’s Crimean War
  03/29/42 New Zealand As Our Partner In Pacific Defense
  10/18/42 What’s Happening On Guadalcanal
  01/03/43 Russia’s Winter Offensive
  07/25/43 Resignation Of Mussolini
  12/04/43 Cairo And Teheran
  11/19/44 Russia
  05/16/45 Three American Offensive Actions In The War This Week (VG)
  08/12/45 Atomic Bomb Speeds War’s End (VG)
  10/28/45 Socialism In France And Democracy In Japan
  04/21/46 Price Control In Danger
  07/21/46 Britain’s Labor Government – The First Year
  08/18/46 Palestine And The Middle East
  10/13/46 The End Of The Paris Peace Conference
  02/09/47 Disarmament And Atomic Control
  03/09/47 Spotlight On Greece
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