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The Sea Hound

     This adventure serial was heard from 06/29/42 to 09/22/44 on the Blue Network (ABC) with Ken Daigneau starring as Captain Silver of the Sea Hound.  The young mate of the ship was played by Bob Hastings.  15 minutes each.
     Barry Thomson played Captain Silver from 06/21/48 to 09/02/48 on ABC as a 30 minute broadcast.
     The last ABC, 30 minute version was heard from 06/26/51 to 08/07/51.
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 15 minute format unless otherwise noted.
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  09/11/42 In Ecuador, Tuttle Shells And Nazi Propaganda
                        (Capt. Silver Develops Underwater Breathing Equipment)
  01/25/44 Boom-Boom And The Japanese Wrestler (Chili) (VG)
  01/28/44 Trying To Establish Radio Contact (Chili) (VG)
  02/01/44 Alf Takes A Chance (Chili) (VG)
  02/23/44 The Envelope
  08/16/44 Getting The Jungle Cleared In Peru For An Air Field
  10/05/44 Captain Silver Kidnapped By Pirates
  10/12/44 Escape From Pirates
  09/02/46 Hut Of The Voodoo Queen (15 min.)
  08/26/48 Investigating Problems With The New Railroad In Bolivia (30 min.)
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