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The New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe

      First heard over the New England network on Blue/ABC starting 04/07/43 and in the starring role was J.B. Williams.  This series then moved to the regular ABC lineup with Santos Ortega beginning on 07/05/43 and continued until 07/14/44.  Luis Van Rooten took over the role in 1944.  Silent screen star Francis X. Bushman played the lead role over MUTUAL from 1945 until 12/15/46, with Elliot Lewis as Archie.  The final American run, over NBC, had Sidney Greenstreet playing Nero Wolfe for 26 episodes beginning 10/20/50 and ending on 04/27/51.  Archie, for this NBC series, was played by five different actors: Wally Mahr, Lamont Johnson, Herb Ellis, Gerald Mohr and finally Harry Bartell.  The last series was heard over CBC and was completed in 13 broadcasts.

      There is one episode still missing to this series, 11/10/50  # 4  Headless Hunter.  If you know where we might find this missing episode, please contact us.  We would like to restore this broadcast and add it to the collection.

Broadcast History:

  Blue / ABC  04/07/43 to 06/30/43  Wednesday over the New England network
  ABC  07/05/43 to 07/14/44
  Mutual  00/00/45 to 12/15/46
      Sponsorship by Jergens Lotion
  NBC  10/20/50 to 04/27/51  Friday 8:00 p.m.  (04/13/51 broadcast was pre-empted)
      Sponsorship in part by Plymouth
  CBC  01/16/82 to 04/10/82
  Don Stanley
  Edwin Fadiman
  J. Donald Wilson
Sponsors :
  Plymouth for part of the run
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 30 minute format unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  12/15/46 The Case Of The Missing Book w/Francis X. Bushman
NBC w/Sidney Greenstreet
  10/20/50 # 1 The Adventure Of Stamps For Murder
  10/27/50 # 2 The Case Of The Case Worn Cuff
  11/03/50 # 3 The Adventure Of The Case Of The Dear Dead Lady
  11/17/50 # 5 The Case Of The Careless Cleaner
  11/24/50 # 6 The Case Of The Beautiful Archer
  12/01/50 # 7 The Case Of The Friendly Rabbit
  12/08/50 # 8 The Case Of The Impolite Corpse
  12/15/50 # 9 The Case Of The Girl Who Cried Wolfe
  12/22/50 #10 The Case Of The Slaughtered Santas
  12/29/50 #11 The Case Of The Bashful Body
  01/05/51 #12 The Case Of The Deadly Sell-Out
  01/12/51 #13 The Case Of The Killer Cards
  01/19/51 #14 The Case Of The Calculated Risk
  01/26/51 #15 The Case Of The Phantom Fingers
  02/02/51 #16 The Case Of The Vanishing Shells
  02/16/51 #17 The Case Of The Party For Death
  02/23/51 #18 The Case Of The Malevolent Medic
  03/02/51 #19 The Case Of The Hasty Will
  03/09/51 #20 The Case Of The Disappearing Diamonds
  03/16/51 #21 The Case Of The Midnight Ride
  03/23/51 #22 The Case Of The Final Page
  03/30/51 #23 The Case Of The Tell-Tale Ribbon
  04/06/51 #24 A Slight Case Of Perjury
  04/20/51 #25 The Case Of The Lost Heir
  04/27/51 #26 The Case In Room 304
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