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The Man Behind The Gun

     Heard over CBS from 10/07/42 to 03/04/44.  Sponsored by Elgin Watches in 1943.  This series won a Peabody Award as an outstanding dramatic program.
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 30 minute format unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  01/06/43 The R.A.F. (VG+)
  03/21/43 U.S.S. Boise, Part 1 (VG+)
  03/28/43 U.S.S. Boise, Part 2 (No Close)
  06/06/43 K-9 Corps (VG+)
  01/29/44 Something For The Girls (VG+)
  02/12/44 A PT Named Prep Joe (VG+)
  02/19/44 Incident In The Pacific (VG)
  05/19/44 A Company Aid Man (VG+) (No Close)
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