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The Harold Peary Show

     This series lasted for only one season before departing the airwaves.  One of the problems was too many near connections to The Great Gildersleeve role that Harold Peary left behind when he jumped networks from NBC to CBS.  Some NBC stars were lured away from that network to CBS with lucrative tax deals.  It is thought that Harold Peary moved in that direction by signing on with CBS and assuming that The Great Gildersleeve program would follow.  But the programs sponsor, Kraft, was happy at NBC and refused to move which left Harold Peary without a program until The Harold Peary Show was developed.  The series was also known as Honest Harold, The Homemarker.
  Harold Peary as Harold Hemp
  Kathryn Card, later Jane Morgan as Mother Hemp
  Parley Baer as Pete the marshal
  Joseph Kearns as Old Doc Yancy
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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  08/23/50 Audition Show
  09/17/50 # 1 Harold Loses His Job
  09/24/50 # 2 Plan To Rename Boomer Park
  10/04/50 # 3 Advertising Shark Repellant
  10/11/50 # 4 Falls For A Chanteuse
  10/18/50 # 5 Runaway Boy
  10/25/50 # 6 The Campaign Speech
  11/01/50 # 7 Harold Wants To Lose The Election
  11/08/50 # 8 Cousin Raymond Visits
  11/15/50 # 9 Getting Raymond A Job
  11/22/50 #10 Thanksgiving Play
  12/06/50 #11 Harold Meets “The Hummer”
  12/13/50 #12 Helping Raymond And Gloria To The Dance
  12/20/50 #13 The Christmas Party
  12/27/50 #14 New Year’s Barn Dance
  01/03/51 #15 Mrs. O’Day’s Warbleware Party
  01/10/51 #16 Harold Loses His Sponsor
  01/17/51 #17 Thinking Of Going To New York
  01/24/51 #18 Harold’s Engaged, Twice
  01/31/51 #19 Civic Achievement Award
  02/07/51 #20 Harold’s Mother’s Suitor
  02/14/51 #21 Mistaken Valentines
  02/21/51 #22 Florabelle Returns
  02/28/51 #23 Willis Can’t Pass The Physical
  03/07/51 #24 Red Cross Drive
  03/14/51 #25 Income Tax
  03/21/51 #26 Cousin Marvin Comes To Stay
  03/28/51 #27 Marvin’s First Day Of School
  04/04/51 #28 Modernizing Doc’s Office
  04/18/51 #29 Cleaning Out The Cellar
  04/25/51 #30 Circus Day
  05/02/51 #31 Marvin’s Gang
  05/09/51 #32 Harold And Mr. Walker Vie For Class
  05/16/51 #33 Does Florabelle Have A New Lover?
  05/23/51 #34 Marvin Invited To A Party
  05/30/51 #35 Harold Is Marshall For A Day
  06/06/51 #36 Peabody’s Sister Takes Over Radio Station
  06/13/51 #37 Marvin Decides To Stay With Harold
                      End Of The Series
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