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The Green Lama

     Paul Frees starred in this series as Jethro Dumont, a "wealthy young American who, after ten years in Tibet, returned as the Green Lama, to amaze the world with his curious and secret powers, in his single handed fight against injustice and crime."  Why green?  It is one of the six sacred colors of Tibet, symbolizing injustice.

     Paul Frees was supported by Ben Wright as Tulku (his Tibetan servant), William Conrad, Lillian Buyeff, Georgia Ellis, Lawrence Dobkin and other mostly CBS west coast actors.
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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The Green Lama
  05/17/49 Audition show – The Man Who Never Existed (32:05)
  06/05/49 # 1 The Man Who Never Existed (21:34)
  06/26/49 # 4 The Million Dollar Chopsticks (VG)
  07/03/49 # 5 The Last Dinosaur (VG)
  08/20/49 #12 Perfect Prisoner (VG)
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