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The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures Of Flash Gordon

     Originally heard as a transcribed syndicated series for the Hearst newspapers on stations around the West and the story lines coincided with the comic strip publications.
Gale Gordon as Flash Gordon
Maurice Franklin as Dr. Zarkov
Bruno Wick as Emperor Ming of the planet Mongo
Producer: Himan Brown
Each of the following broadcasts are 15 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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  04/27/35 # 1 On The Planet Mongo
  05/04/35 # 2 Befriends The Lion Men And Stops A Wedding
  05/11/35 # 3 Imprisoned By Hawkmen
  05/18/35 # 4 Death Battle Won By Flash
  05/25/35 # 5 Rules Over Cave World
  06/01/35 # 6 Blue Magic Men Capture Flash
  06/08/35 # 7 Dr. Zarkoff To The Rescue
  06/15/35 # 8 Aide Tal, Plants Seeds Of Doubt
  06/22/35 # 9 Flash Charges Ice Barricade Of Hawkmen
  07/06/35 #10 Dr. Zarkoff Is Thawed Out
  07/13/35 #11 Dr. Zarkoff Shoots Crooks With Electrodes
  07/20/35 #12 Flash Regains His Memory
  07/27/35 #13 General Tal Rescued Azora
  08/03/35 #14 General Tal Attacks Flash Behind A Huge Door
  08/10/35 #15 Dr. Zarkoff Builds Invisible Ray Machine
  08/17/35 #16 Flash, The Avenging Shadow
  08/24/35 #17 Azora Regains Memory
  08/31/35 #18 Flash, Still Invisible, Escapes
  09/07/35 #19 General Tal Tries Capturing Dr. Zarkoff
  09/14/35 #20 Pit Of Peril And Death Dwarfs
  09/21/35 #21 Pit Of Fire
  09/28/35 #22 Trapped Behind The Iron Door
  10/05/35 #23 Flash, King Of Cave World
  10/12/35 #24 General Tal Seizes Azora's Throne
The Adventures Of Flash Gordon And Jungle Jim (name change)
  10/19/35 #25 Flash, Dale & Dr. Zarkoff Crash In Rocket
  10/26/35 #26 Flash And Dale Married In The Jungle
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