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Tennessee Jed

     This ABC series was heard from 05/14/45 to 11/07/47 weekdays at 5:45 p.m. for Ward Baking and their product Tip Top Bread.  Listen to the action of Tennessee Jed Sloan and his horse Smokey.

Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 15 minute format unless otherwise noted.
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  11/30/45 #145 Tracking Herd Of Wild Horses
  12/00/45 Large Black Mare Spotted In Herd
  12/00/45 Gold From Mine Saves The Circle S Ranch (VG+)
  12/26/45 #163 Stopping A New War Between The States
  12/27/45 #164 Nick Dalton & Rat Continue Their Plot To Overthrow The Government
  12/28/45 #165 Nick Dalton Has Captured Tennessee Jed
  01/11/46 #175 Rat Almost Turned Lose On Tennessee Jed & Chief Gray Eagle (VG+)
  01/17/46 #179 Battle With Federal Troops About To Start (VG+)
  01/22/46 #182 Tennessee Jed Made Prisoner And Federal Troops Are Arriving (VG+)
  02/13/46 #198 Rat Releases Two Rattlesnakes On Cookstove And Tennessee (VG)
  03/06/46 #213 Bigfoot And Ace Are Planning A Large Horse Raid
  03/11/46 #216 Rod And Tennessee Caught In Quicksand (VG+)
  05/14/46 #262 Tennessee And Pancho To Stop Gold Theft (VG+)
  05/21/46 #267 Tennessee Plans To Switch Stagecoaches
  05/24/46 #270 Stagecoach To Be Pushed Over Cliff With Tennessee In It
  05/28/46 #272 Stagecoach Over The Cliff But Tennessee Still Lives
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