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Tarzan & The Fires Of Tohr

     This series was produced in 1936 and was suppose to follow Tarzan & The Diamond Of Asher, but never aired.  This series was feared lost due to a fire that also damaged the original ET's.  An effort was made to transcribe the blackened discs and the audio that follows is the result.  Over all, the audio is very nice, but there are a few episodes which were effected.

Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 15 minute format unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  # 1 Expedition In Peril
  # 2 Tarzan’s Timely Arrival
  # 3 Attack On The Yellow Creature
  # 4 Out Of The Danger Zone
  # 5 Captured By Yellow Giants
  # 6 Close Calls For O’Rourke
  # 7 River Escape Route
  # 8 Safe On Shore
  # 9 Mungo, Leader Of The Yellow Giants
  #10 City & Palace Of The Queen
  #11 Tarzan In Mortal Combat
  #12 Marriage Ultimatum
  #13 Queen’s Treasure Cave
  #14 Victory In The Arena
  #15 A Clever Ruse Works
  #16 Escape From The Dungeon
  #17 Bridge Over The Fires Of Tohr
  #18 Medieval Arsenal
  #19 Fortunes Of War
  #20 Elephant Talk
  #21 Two Prisoners Vanish
  #22 Condemned To Slavery
  #23 Quest For Freedom
  #24 Royal Inspection Tour
  #25 Friendship Is Sacred
  #26 Escape By Elephant
  #27 A Queen Is Scorned
  #28 Meeting A Friendly Patrol
  #29 Case Of The Missing Key
  #30 Betrayal In The Jewel Pits
  #31 A Traitor’s Plan
  #32 A Pachyderm Remembers
  #33 Rooftop Escape
  #34 Chamber Of Serpents
  #35 Enemies On The Prowl
  #36 Death To Mungo
  #37 Emancipation Time
  #38 Elephants Clear The Way
  #39 Noble Sacrifice – The Finale
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