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Stars Over Hollywood

     This CBS series was heard from 05/31/41 to 09/25/54 and centered mainly on light comedies and fluffy romances.  It brought interest to Saturday daytime scheduling, which was thought to be the dead zone.

Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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The follow two CD's are from the original 1937 soap opera run.  123 broadcasts from that series aired.  The following 9 episodes are 12 minutes in length.
  # 57 Yvonne Tremayne Tricks Carl in to Giving Her the Leading Part in Picture
  # 71 Whitey Evans Overhears Kidnapping Plans
  #127 Margie Breaks Up With Whitey
  #128 Robin And Whitey Involved In An Automobile Accident
  11/15/47 Ask Of Thyself (VG+)
  04/16/49 Dead On Arrival
  10/06/51 I Knew This Woman
  11/10/51 Short Story
  11/24/51 Three Is An Odd Number
  12/01/51 The Perfect Mate
  01/12/52 Fog Warning
  03/01/52 When The Police Arrive
  03/08/52 The Driven Snow
  03/15/52 The Truth Pays Off
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