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Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang

     A children's program heard from 09/02/44 to 04/11/53 over the NBC network.  Smilin' Ed was played by Ed McConnell who also voiced the characters of Grandie The Piano, Midnight The Cat, Squeeky The Mouse and of course Froggy The Gremilin.  Also heard in various roles were June Foray, Lou Merrill, Lou Krugman, John Dehner, Jimmy Ogg, Marvin Miller and many others.
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 30 minute format unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  11/19/44 The Story Of Billy Staley (VG+)
  05/26/46 Pegasus, The Winged Horse
  07/27/46 Knights & Tournaments
  10/19/46 Gonga, The Elephant Boy
  03/15/47 Little Neba, Daughter Of The Royal Cat Keeper
  08/09/47 Young Detective To Be
  08/30/47 Juan, A Young Carrieb Indian Boy
  11/19/47 Robin Hood
  12/13/47 A Plane Called Yankee Doodle
  05/15/48 The Pirates And The Parrots Show
  01/15/49 The Enchanted King
  02/26/49 Kulah's Brother Is Missing
  03/05/49 Alamo, The Race Horse
  04/30/49 A Wolf Named Fang
  08/13/49 Robin Hood Helps A Young Knight (Repeat of 11/19/47 script.  It is restaged)
  03/04/50 Little Fox, Dakota Sioux Indian Boy (AFRS)
  08/23/52 Zaca & The Mutiny
  08/30/52 The Goddess Statue
  09/06/52 The Melon Patch Murder
  09/13/52 Little Fox's Moose Hunt
  09/20/52 The Enchanted South Wind
  09/27/52 The Monkey Gods Murder
  10/04/52 The Boy Who Wouldn't Obey
  10/11/52 The Whistling Rock
  10/18/52 The Chinese War Lord
  10/25/52 The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
  11/01/52 The Maharajah's Ruby
  11/08/52 Food For The Winter
  11/1/52 The Baby Pharaoh
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