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Rocky Fortune

     This NBC short run series had Frank Sinatra playing the title role.  The character took various jobs and also took on a variety of trouble.  As soon as the movie "From Here To Eternity" took hold at the box office, Frank Sinatra dropped doing any further radio programming of this type with broadcast #25.  For the first time, all 25 broadcasts are available here.  Heard from 10/06/53 to 03/30/54, this series was directed by Fred Weihe and Andrew Love.  The scripts were written by George Lefferts and Ernest Kimoy.

Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 30 minute format unless otherwise noted.

To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  10/06/53 # 1 Oyster Shucker (AFRS)
  10/13/53 # 2 Steven In A Rest Home Insurance Fraud (a.k.a. Insurance Fraud)
  10/20/53 # 3 Shipboard Jewel Robbery
  10/27/53 # 4 Pintsized Payroll Bandit
  11/10/53 # 5 Messenger For Murder
  11/17/53 # 6 A Hepcat Kills The Canary
  11/24/53 # 7 Murder On The Isle
  12/01/53 # 8 Murder Among The Statues
  12/08/53 # 9 Carnival One Way
  12/15/53 #10 Companion To A Chimp
  12/22/53 #11 The Plot To Murder Santa Claus
  12/29/53 #12 Prize Fight Setup
  01/05/54 #13 On The Trail Of A Killer
  01/12/54 #14 Rodeo Murder
  01/19/54 #15 The Museum Murder
  01/26/54 #16 Hauling Nitro
  02/02/54 #17 Football Fix
  02/09/54 #18 Catskills Cover-up
  02/16/54 #19 The Too Much Married Blond
  02/23/54 #20 Decoy For Death
  03/02/54 #21 The Doctor's Dilemma
  03/09/54 #22 Incident In A Bar (VG+)
  03/16/54 #23 Psychological Murder
  03/23/54 #24 Rocket Racket
  03/30/54 #25 Boarding House Double-Cross
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