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Omar, The Wizard Of Persia

     This series was heard over the Mutual network from 10/07/35 to 07/10/36 for a total of 200 episodes.  The sponsor was Taystee Bread.

Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 15 minute format unless otherwise noted.
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  10/07/35 # 1 The Caravan Of Henry Mason, An American Stone Dealer,
                           And Miss Elliot, Is Raided
  10/08/35 # 2 Henry Mason’s Wife, Martha, Is Not Well.  Henry Warned Of Bad Luck
  10/09/35 # 3 Henry Mason Has A Square Cut Emerald, And A Curse (VG)
  10/10/35 # 4 Henry Mason Cornered A Nasty Death Trap (VG)
  10/11/35 # 5 Cynthia Mason And Jerry Martin Argue.  Henry Mason Arrives Home.
                            (VG) (Slight wow)
  10/14/35 # 6 Henry Mason Tells His Story Of Danger.(VG) (Slight wow)
  10/15/35 # 7 Wolf Howls During The Night Upsetting The Family (VG)
  10/16/35 # 8 The Mason Family Prepares To Leave For New York (VG-)
  10/17/35 # 9 Danger On The Train To New York (VG)
  10/18/35 #10 Martha Mason Almost Murdered (VG)
  10/21/35 #11 Attempt Made On Jerry’s Life With A Snake And Gun Shot (VG)
  10/22/35 #12 Danger Follows The Family Aboard Ship (VG)
  10/23/35 #13 The Bells Are Heard In The Market Place
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