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     This series was originally heard on NBC starting 09/12/34 on the West Coast only for Cardinet Candy.  The series moved to CBS on Sundays at 7:45 p.m. from 10/16/38 to 01/22/39.  Final move back to NBC in 1941, again only on the West Coast with Hal Burdick.  The following broadcasts are from the 1945 to 1948 NBC run sponsored by Edwards Coffee.
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 15 minute format unless otherwise noted.
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  #22 Care Of Postmistress Clara
  #23 The Law’s Delay
  #24 Time Saver
  #25 Adrian Sets A Trap
  #26 Reflection
  #27 Smoke Rings
  #28 Autumn Fever
  #29 For Later Delivery
  #30 Boomerangs Do Come Back
  #31 Homecoming For Two
  #32 Strange Judgment
  #33 In A Matter Of Speaking
  #34 Deep Roots
  #35 One In A Thousand
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