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Murder By Experts

     Mutual offered this series from 06/13/49 to 12/17/51.  The mystery, detective type stories were authored by the leading mystery fiction writers and hosted by such noted names as John Dickson Carr and Alfred Hitchcock.
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length.
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  06/18/49 # 1 Summer Heat
  07/09/49 # 4 The Big Money
  07/23/49 # 6 The Creeper
  08/08/49 # 8 The Dark Island
  08/15/49 # 9 Dig Your Own Grave
  08/29/49 #11 It’s Luck That Counts
  09/05/49 #13 Return Trip
  09/12/49 #14 I Dreamt I Died
  09/26/49 #16 The Unseeing Witness
  12/26/49 #29 The Case Of The Missing Mind
  04/17/50 #45 Two Can Die As Cheaply As One
  05/22/50 #50 Three’s A Crowd
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