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     The following broadcasts are a rare copies of the NBC series Monitor.  Monitor was heard from 06/12/55 to 01/26/74.  The episode numbers that appear on the following CD’s are used for reference only and are not the episode number from the entire series.  Instead the numbers represent each time Monitor aired an X Minus One broadcast, on the fourth Sunday of each month.  The premiere X Minus One Monitor broadcast was on 06/24/74.  Here recordings were supplied to Audio Classics Archive by Goodman Danielsen from his father’s personal home recordings of these broadcasts.  There are some audio problems with some of these broadcasts, but we offer them as a rare look at the Monitor series.

Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  06/24/73 # 1 There Will Come Soft Rains / Zero Hour
  07/22/73 # 2 How To
  08/26/73 # 3 Perigi's Wonderful Dolls
  09/23/73 # 4 Mars Is Heaven
  10/28/73 # 5 Martian Sam
  11/25/73 # 6 The Veldt
  12/23/73 # 7 And The Moon Be Still As Bright
  01/27/74 # 8 Surface Tension
  02/24/74 # 9 The Parade
  03/25/74 #10 Dr. Grimshaw's Sanitarium
  07/28/74 #14 Knock
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