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Hollywood Star Time

     Heard over CBS from 01/06/46 to 03/27/47.  Many major Hollywood film stars appeared as this series tried to compete with Lux Radio Theatre. We have also included a couple of the earlier 15 minute format Blue Network series from 1944.  This were really a series of RKO promotion broadcasts.

Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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Blue Network
  03/15/44 w/Leila Rogers, Gloria DeHaven (VG+) (15 minutes)
  09/01/44 w/Phil Harris, Barry Fitzgerald (15 minutes)
  01/06/46 # 1 Seventh Heaven w/Jeanne Crain, Tyrone Power (VG+)
  01/13/46 # 2 Laura w/Clifton Webb, Gene Tierney
  01/20/46 # 3 Daytime Wife w/Linda Darnell, John Payne
  01/27/46 # 4 A Tree Grows In Brooklyn w/Peggy Anne Garner, James Dunn, Joseph Kearns
  02/03/46 # 5 Shock w/Vincent Price, Lynn Bari, Michael Dunn (VG)
  02/10/46 # 6 My Gal Sal w/Victor Mature, June Havoc
  02/17/46 # 7 The Mark Of Zorro w/Cornel Wilde, Joseph Kerns, Lurene Tuttle, Gale Gordon
  02/24/46 # 8 Home In Indiana w/Lon McCallister, Jeanne Craine (Missing - NOT HERE)
  03/03/46 # 9 Swamp Water w/Dana Andrews, Anne Baxter (Missing - NOT HERE)
  03/10/46 #10 The Return Of Frank James w/Henry Fonda, Burl Ives
  03/17/46 #11 Café Metropole w/Nancy Guild, Caesar Romero, George Ratoff
  03/24/46 #12 Junior Miss w/Peggy Anne Garner, Alan Joslyn, Barbara Whiting
  03/31/46 #13 Strange Triangle w/Lloyd Nolan, Signe Hasso, John Sheppard (Missing - NOT HERE)
  04/07/46 #14 Hangover Square w/Vincent Price, Linda Darnell, Fay Marlow (VG)
  04/14/46 #15 Diamond Horseshow w/Betty Grable, Frank Lattimore (Missing - NOT HERE)
  04/21/46 #16 Song Of Bernadette w/Vincent Price, Lee J. Cobb, Vanessa Brown (VG)
  04/28/46 #17 Kidnapped w/Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Roddy McDowall (Missing - NOT HERE)
  05/05/46 #18 The House On 92nd Street w/Lloyd Nolan, William Eythe
  05/12/46 #19 Riders Of The Purple Sage w/George Montgomery, Lynn Bari
  05/19/46 #20 The Lodger w/Vincent Price, Cathy Lewis
  05/26/46 #21 The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo w/Rex Harrison, Lurene Tuttle
  06/02/46 #22 Second Honeymoon w/George Brent, Lynn Bari
  06/08/46 #23 Murder, My Sweet w/Dick Powell, Mary Astor
  06/15/46 #24 Morning Glory w/Olivia deHavilland, Reed Hadley
  06/22/46 #25 Double Indemnity w/Alan Ladd, Lurene Tuttle
  06/29/46 #26 It Happened Tomorrow w/Robert Young (VG+)
  07/20/46 #29 Mr. And Mrs. Smith w/Robert Montgomery, Mary Jane Croft
  07/27/46 #30 Hot Spot w/Brian Donlevy, Vincent Price, Lurene Tuttle
  08/03/46 #31 The Major And The Minor w/Robert Young, Joan Caulfield
  08/10/46 #32 O.S.S. w/Robert Cummings (Missing - NOT HERE)
  09/28/46 #39 The Most Dangerous Game w/Robert Cummings, Lurene Tuttle, Lou Merrill
  10/05/46 #40 Intermezzo w/Herbert Marshall (Missing - NOT HERE)
  11/23/46 #47 The Woman In The Window (Scandal In Paris) w/David Niven, Akim Tamiroff
  11/30/46 #48 Stagecoach w/Virginia Bruce, John Hodiak (Missing - NOT HERE)
  12/07/46 #49 Dulcy w/George Burns & Gracie Allen (Missing - NOT HERE)
  12/14/46 #50 Mad About Music w/Ann Blyth, Herbert Marshall
  01/04/47 #53 Captain January w/Margaret O'Brien, Charles Dingle (Missing - NOT HERE)
  01/11/47 #54 It's A Date w/Vanessa Brown, Mary Astor, Herbert Marshall
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