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      This is a special listing of holiday broadcasts and programs that we've gathered together for your enjoyment.  The following CD's are listed in holiday order, not by series or broadcast date order.
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice: 
  Thanksgiving On The Radio
    The Great Gildersleeve (NBC)
      11/21/51 #426 Trying To Invite Mr. Bullard For Thanksgiving Dinner
    Point Sublime (ABC)
      11/24/47 Big Crowd For Thanksgiving Dinner
  Thanksgiving On The Radio
    The Jack Benny Show (NBC / CBS)
      11/21/43 Turkey Buying For Thanksgiving (Light surface noise)
      11/29/53  Thanksgiving Dinner At Jack's
  Christmas On The Radio
    The Jack Benny Show (CBS)
      12/14/52 #826 Jack Buys Don A Gopher Trap For Christmas
      12/13/53 #865 Christmas Shopping In Palm Springs For Dates For Don
  Christmas On The Radio
    The Six Shooter (NBC)
      12/20/53 #14 Britt Ponset's Christmas Card
    Suspense (CBS)
      12/17/61 #905 Yuletide Miracle, w/Santos Ortega, Larry Haines
    Red Skelton's Scrapbook Of Satire
      Special Christmas Show
  Christmas On The Radio
    The First Nighter Program (CBS)
      12/22/45 Little Town Of Bethlehem
    Grand Central Station (CBS)
      12/24/49 Miracle For Christmas
  Christmas On The Radio
    Lum 'N' Abner (CBS)
      12/19/48 #268 Christmas Show
    The New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe (NBC)
      12/22/50 #10 The Case of the Slaughtered Santas
  Christmas On The Radio
    The Great Gildersleeve (NBC)
      12/21/41 #17 McGee's Christmas Gifts
    Burns & Allen (NBC)
      12/12/46 #657 Gracie Babysitting To Earn Christmas Money
  Christmas On The Radio
    The Whistler  (CBS)
      12/25/49 #399 Letter From Cynthia
      12/23/51 #503 Christmas Gift
  Christmas On The Radio
    Hallmark Playhouse (CBS)
      12/23/48 #29 The Story Of "Silent Night"
    Dragnet (NBC)
      12/22/49 #30 .22 Rifle For Christmas
  Christmas On The Radio
    Philco Radio Time (ABC) 12/25/46 Christmas Show
    Boston Blackie (Syndicated) 12/22/48 Christmas Rings for Santa
    News (NBC) 12/24/50 Christmas Message from President Truman (5 minutes)
CD000168. (1 Hour)
  Screen Director's Playhouse (NBC)
    12/21/50 # 82 Miracle On 34th Street  w/Edmund Gwen
  Christmas On The Radio
    Radio Reader’s Digest  (CBS)
      12/19/46 Room For A Stranger  w/Frank Sinatra
    The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show (NBC)
      12/19/48 #12 Jack Benny As Santa Claus
  Christmas On The Radio
    Suspense (CBS)
      12/21/50 #408 Christmas For Carol
      12/21/58 #782 Out For Chrismtas
CD000457. (1 Hour)
  Lux Radio Theatre
    03/10/47 #562 It's A Wonderful Life w/James Stewart, Donna Reed
CD000458. (1 Hour)
  Lux Radio Theatre
    12/20/48 #637 Miracle On 34th Street w/John Payne, Maureen O'Hara
CD000459. (1 Hour)
  Lux Radio Theatre
    12/25/50 #726 The Wizard Of Oz w/Judy Garland, Hans Conried


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