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Gene Autry's Melody Ranch

     First heard over CBS on 01/07/40 for Wrigley's Gum.  The series lasted in the 30 minute format until 08/01/43.  The series was also heard in the 15 minute format from 09/23/45 to 06/16/46 and then returned to the 30 minute time slot until leaving the air on 05/13/56.

Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 30 minute format unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
(Undated shows are from shortened syndicated broadcasts)
  12/31/39 Audition Program (13:00) (CBS)
  01/07/40 # 1 When Gene First Arrived (23:00)
  01/14/40 # 2 Too Many Killings (19:00)
  01/21/40 # 3 No Room For Foreigners (CBS)
  05/12/40 #19 Gold Country Troubles
                           First Song: Leanin’ On The Old Top Rail
  06/02/40 #22 Moose Head Troubles (24:00)
                           First Song: Keep Rollin’
  12/29/40 Preview For The Film “Melody Ranch”
                           First Song: Ridin’ Down The Canyon To Watch The Sun Go Down
  01/05/41 First Program Of The New Year
                           First Song: I’ll Sing You A Song Of The Saddle
  03/30/41 From The Wardman Park Hotel In Washington, D.C. (24:10)
                           First Song: Mello Mountain Moon
  08/14/41 The Ranch Owner’s Nephew Visits (24:20)
                           First Song: Happy Rovin’ Cowboy
  04/05/42 Special 45 Minute Program
  07/26/42 Gene Is Sworn Into The Army Air Forces
  08/02/42 Gene’s First Week In The Army Air Corp
  06/29/47 The Devil’s Saint
  09/19/48 Getting The Goods On Jake Burdick
  09/17/49 Doc Reardon Accused Of Manslaughter
  01/21/50 10th Anniversary Show
  04/01/50 Gene Helps Sally Scott Rent A House
  06/24/50 Last Program Of The 1949 – 1950 Season
  07/29/50 Gene And Pat Take A Trip To Hollywood
  09/30/50 Caleb Hooten Disappears (VG+)
  10/14/50 Broadcast From New York City
  04/11/51 The Story Of Crazy Charlie
  06/09/51 Robbed And Shot And Left For Dead
  09/15/51 Murder At The Rodeo
  09/22/51 Little Joe Runs Away From Home
  01/05/52 12th Anniversary Show
  04/12/52 Easter Program
  11/01/52 The Story Of John And Martha
  12/27/52 The Year In Review In Song
                           First Song: Down Yonder
  01/03/53 Pat Buttram Loses Champion To Con Men
  09/20/53 Church In Wilson Valley
  01/29/56 Champion Saves Gene And Pat
  Gene Helps Clem Olson (23:30)
  Buck vs. Kate 1950’s (25:00)
  Steve Larkin Dams Up Green Creek (24:30)
  Indians Are Accused Of Crimes (23:30)
  Chief Silver Eagle And Hoof And Mouth Disease (23:30)
  Betty Carson’s Cattle Are Poisoned (23:40)
                           First Song: Beyond The Hills In Idaho
  X-25 1950’s (23:30)
                           First Song: Raining Teardrops From My Eyes
  Mike Connor’s Story (24:30)
                           First Song: Dear Hearts And Gentle People
  Gene Cleans Up Skeleton Pass (24:00)
                           First Song:
  $5,000.00 Ranchers Exchange Robbery (29:17)
                           First Song: Tweedle O’Twill
  The Story Of Sourdough Shorty (24:30)
                           First Song: Tweedle O’Twill
   Cool Clear Water (23:30)
                           First Song: I Was Born To Wander
   Aunt Martha’s Boys Ranch (23:30)
                           First Song: When You’re Smiling
  Bill Collins Problems (23:30)
                           First Song: Yippee-I-O-Ki-Ay
  How Gene Found Champion (24:00)
                           First Song: Makin’ The San Fernando Valley My Home
  Cody Bennett Water Problems (23:35)
                           First Song: That Old Time Religion
  El Goncho CreatesTroubles (23:30)
                           First Song: A Heart As Big As Texas
  New Owner At The Square D Ranch (24:30)
                           First Song: Song Of Old San Antone
  Gene’s Gun Involved In Killing (23:30)
                           First Song: Jingle Jangle Jingle
  Carol Barton Is Kidnapped (23:30)
                           First Song: When The Bloom Is On The Saga
  The Gold Dust Charlie Story (23:20)
                           First Song: Chase Your Blues Away
  Gene Recovers $200,000 (VG) (24:00)
                           First Song: The Little Big Dry
   Hermit’s Crossing (23:30)
                           First Song: Gay Roncharo
  Mike Carter, Young Thief (24:30)
                           First Song: Out Of The Texas Plains
  Maisie Clark, Con Artist Hostess (24:30)
                           First Song: In My Adobe Hacienda
  Gene Recovers $60,000 (23:30)
                           First Song: You Can’t Buy Love
  The $18,000 Payroll Robbery (24:30)
                           First Song: Down Yonder
  Fake Holdup Is Real (23:30)
                           First Song: I’ve Got A Heart As Big As Texas
  The Sentinel (24:30)
                           First Song: Don’t Ever Be Afraid To Go Home
  The Concertina (24:30)
                           First Song: For Me And My Gal
  Graft In Desert Springs (24:00)
                           First Song: Headin’ Back To Dixie
  Stolen Payroll (24:10)
                           First Song: ‘Til The End Of The World You’ll Be Mine
  Pat Buttram, Private Eye (24;30)
                           First Song: It’s Rainin’ Teardrops From My Eyes
  Mama Maria’s Restaurant (24:00)
                           First Song: Blue Moon Turns To Gold
  Grandma Bryan (23:10)
                           First Song: ‘Til The End Of The World You’ll Be Mine)
  La Paloma (24:30)
                           First Song:
  Texas Ranger Sgt. Cliff Howard (24:00)
                           First Song: Rancho Pillow
  Pat Helps Catch Cattle Rustlers (AFRS (25:00)
                           First Song: "Down Yonder". "Detective"
  Steve Williams Ransom (24:50)
                           First Song: Roundup Time In Texas
  Story About Red Medders (AFRS) (VG) (24:45)
                           First Song: Be Honest With Me
  Jeff Marlowe Murdered (24:25)
                           First Song: Silver Spurs Upon The Golden Stairs
  Billy Dreu, Old Time Cowpuncher (AFRS) (25:44)
                           First Song: Dear Hearts & Gentle People
   Wanted: Sam Crawford (24:30)
                           First Song: In My Adobe Hacienda
  The Post Office Robbed (AFRS) (24:50)
                           First Song: Honey, I’m In Love With You
  The Red River Valley (24:30)
                           First Song: Silver Stars, Purple Sage, Eyes Of Blue
  Cattle Herds Mixed Up (AFRS) (24:10)
                           First Song: Ridin’ To Tennessee
  Jeff Ross Is Murdered (24:30)
                           First Song: Silver Stars, Purple Sage, Eyes Of Blue
  048.05/13/56 The Final Show And Gene Is Absent (AFRS) (24:30)
                           First Song: Hot Diggety
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