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Gasoline Alley

     NBC produced this series based on the newspaper comic strip serial by Frank King.

Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 15 minute format unless otherwise noted.
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  00/00/48 Audition - In A Trap
  07/15/48 # 1 In A Trap
  07/22/48 # 2 Mr. Chiggers Slips A Fast One Over
  09/09/48 # 9 The Adventure Of The Soft Hearted Skinflint
  09/16/48 #10 The Adventure Of The Fish Monger's Friends
  09/23/48 #11 The Adventure Of The Unaccustomed Public Speaker
  09/30/48 #12 The Adventure Of The Sweet Scented Sergeant
  10/04/48 #13 The Adventure Of The Gold Digging Deceivers (VG)
  01/20/49 #27 The Adventure Of The Parilous Parambulator (VG+)
  01/27/49 #28 The Adventure Of The Mighty Nimrod (VG+)
  02/17/49 #31 The Adventure Of The Hair Raising Experience
  02/24/49 #32 The Adventure Of The Public Private Eye
  03/03/49 #33 The Adventure Of The Six Desperate Dancing Lessons
  03/10/49 #34 The Adventure Of The Mighty Thespian
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