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Death Valley Days

     Pacific Coast Borax Company sponsored this program as a way of promoting their products of Borax and Boraxo.  The series was created by Ruth Cornwell Woodman, a copywriter for the advertising company McCann-Erickson, Inc.  In order to include the flavor of the old west, she made frequent trips to the Death Valley area and interviewed many of the “old timers” for the stories and lore of the region.  It’s interesting that a program about the west, was broadcast from Hollywood, but written by an easterner living in the east.  The series was very successful and eventually found its way to television with the future President, Ronald Reagan, as host (1963 to 1965).  The series eventually had several title changes.  First, to Death Valley Sheriff and finally to The Sheriff.
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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  08/27/36 #306 Sam Bass (VG)
  10/29/37 #365 The Whitney-Death Valley Highway Dedication (VG)
  06/17/38 #399 The Burro That Had No Name (VG)
  06/16/39 #451 Shoo-Fly
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