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     This CBS Network series is one of the finest programs broadcast on radio.  Originally heard from the West Coast with many of the best CBS character actors.  William Conrad, Parley Baer, Joseph Kearns, Sam Edwards, Lurene Tuttle, Vic Perrin, Jack Kruschen and many others.  The series was heard from 01/27/56 to 09/22/57.  This is a fine example of just how good radio drama could be.
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  01/27/56 # 1 Brave New World, Part 1 by Aldous Huxley
  02/03/56 # 2 Brave New World, Part 2 by Aldous Huxley
  02/10/56 # 3 Storm by George Stewart
  02/17/56 # 4 Season Of Disbelief / Hail And Farewell by Ray Bradbury
  02/24/56 # 5 Colloquy # 1 - An Interview With Shakespeare by William N. Robson
  03/02/56 # 6 Voice Of The City
  03/09/56 # 7 Report On E.S.P.
  03/16/56 # 8 Cops And Robbers by Stanley Ness
  03/23/56 # 9 The Legend Of Jimmy Blue Eyes by Edmund Brophy
  03/30/56 #10 The Ex-Urbanites by A.C. Spectorsky
  04/06/56 #11 Speaking Of Cinderella - If The Shoe Fits by Ed Vaida & Don Clark
  04/13/56 #12 Jacobs Hands by Aldous Huxley
  04/20/56 #13 Living Portrait - William Zeckendorf, Tycoon
  04/27/56 #14 The Record Collector by William Woodson
  05/04/56 #15 The Toledo War by Edward Eager
  05/11/56 #16 The Enormous Radio
  05/18/56 #17 Lover, Villains, And Fools
  05/25/56 #18 The Little Prince by Antonne DeExupre
  06/01/56 #19 A Matter Of Logic by Anthony Ellis
  06/08/56 #20 Bring On The Angels - H.L. Mencken by Alan Sloane
  06/15/56 #21 The Stronger w/Adelaide Bishop
  06/22/56 #22 Another Point Of View or Hamlet Revisited by Ben Wright
                          w/Ben Wright, William Conrad, John McIntire
  06/29/56 #23 The Eternal Joan by Henry E. Fritch
                          w/Robert Dryden, Roger DeKoven, Ed Prentiss, Guy Repp, Jack Manning,
                              John Gibson, Luis Van Rooten
  07/06/56 #24 Portrait Of Paris by Davis Schoenbrun
  07/13/56 #25 The Case Of The White Kitten by George H. Faulkner
                          w/Kenny Delmar, Mason Adams, Audrey Christie, Berry Kroeger,
                              Ed Latimer
  07/20/56 #26 Portrait Of London w/Sarah Churchill
  07/27/56 #27 Star Boy by Henry Fritch w/Louis Van Rooten
  08/03/56 #28 Subways Are For Sleeping by Edmond G. Love w/Edwin Booth
  08/10/56 #29 Only Johnny Knows
                          w/Jackson Beck, Ian Martin, Ed Prentiss, Lawson Zerbe,
                             Catherine Anderson, Sarah Fussell, Joseph Julian
  08/17/56 #30 Colloquy #2 - Dissertation On Love by William N. Robson
                          w/Frank Baxter as narrator w/Sam Hill, Shephard Menken, Ben Wright
                              Peter Leeds
  08/24/56 #31 The Billion Dollar Failure Of Figger Faulup by Henry Fritch
                          w/Joseph Julian, Robert Dryden, Elaine Rost
  08/31/56 #32 Colloquy #3 – An Analysis Of Satire w/Stan Freeberg, Parley Baer
  09/07/56 #33 The Hither & Thither Of Danny Dither w/Lynn Loring
  09/14/56 #34 A Pride Of Carrots Or Venus Well Served by Robert Nathan
                          w/Robert Nathan as narrator w/Elaine Burke, Ted Bliss, Daws Butler,
                              June Foray, Alan Reed, Bill Thompson
  09/21/56 #35 The Oedipus Story by Henry Fritch
                          w/Alexander Scorby as narrator w/Robert Dryden, Elspeth Eric,
                              Joseph Julian, Jack Manning, Roger DeKoven, Guy Repp
  10/05/56 #36 Roughing It (written by Mark Twain) by Francis Van Hartisfel
                          w/Louis Van Rooten, Daws Butler, Eddie Mart, Howard McNear, Hal Peary
  10/12/56 #37 A Writer At Work by Hector Chevigny
                          w/Jan Miner, Ethel Owens, Dwight Weist, Alice Frost, Larry Haines
  10/19/56 #38 The Legend Of Annie Christmas by Edmund Brophy
                          w/William Conrad as narrator, Amanda Randolph, Roy Glenn, Tony Barrett,
                             Lou Merrill, Jack Moyles, Ken Christie
  10/26/56 #39 When The Mountain Fell by C.F. Raneuse
                        w/Barry Kroeger
  11/02/56 #40 Biography Of The White House by George Faulkner
                        w/Allen Jackson as narrator
Sunday – 4:00 p.m.
  11/04/56 #41 Colloquy #4 - Joe Miller's Joke Book
                         w/Frank Baxter, Virginia Gregg, Jay Novello, Ben Wright, Peter Leeds,
                             Joseph Kerns, Howard McNear
  11/11/56 #42 Report Of The We-Uns by Robert Nathan
                         w/Hans Conried, Edgar Barrier, Byron Kane, Jay Novello, June Foray
  11/18/56 #43 Sounds Of The Nation by Henry Fritch
                         w/Leon Janney, Luis Van Rooten, Dick Noel
  11/25/56 #44 The King Of The Cats by Steven Vincent Benet
                         w/Jay Novello, Jeanette Nolan, Byron Kane, Joseph Kearns
  12/02/56 #45 The Day The Roof Fell In by Charles Monroe
                         w/Jackson Beck, Leon Janney, Berry Kroeger, Joseph Julian
  12/09/56 #46 I Was The Duke
                         w/William Neeley as narrator
  12/16/56 #47 The Big Event by Draper Lewis
                         w/William Redfield, Ralph Bell, Roger DeKoven
  12/23/56 #48 All Is Bright by Henry Fritch
                         w/Joe Julian
  12/30/56  Pre-empted
  01/06/57 #49 Carl Sandburg On His 79th Birthday
  01/13/57 #50 No Time For Heartaches - Sophie Tucker by Sam Pierce
                         w/Sophie Tucker, Margaret Whiting, Hans Conried, Daws Butler,
                             June Foray, Jay Novello, Byron Kane, Amanda Randolf
  01/20/57 #51 Disaster! Fire At Malibu
                         w/William Conrad, Lou Krugman, James Nusser, Barney Phillips,
                             Sam Pierce, Joe diSantis, Larry Thor
  01/27/57 #52 The Crazy Life by David Cox
                         w/Henry Morgan, Elspeth Eric, Bryna Raeburn, Luis Van Rooten
  02/03/57 #53 La Grande Greteche by Avery Klaffland
                         w/Patricia Brinton, Avery Klaffland, George R. Mills
  02/10/57 #54 1489 Words  From Alfred Noyes & Thomas Wolfe tales
                         w/William Conrad
  02/17/57 #55 Space Merchants, Part 1 by Frederick Pohl
                         w/Staats Cottsworth, Ralph Bell, Virginia Kaye, Ian Martin, Robert Readick,
                             Ralph Camargo, Robert Dryden
  02/24/57 #56 Space Merchants, Part 2 by Frederick Pohl
                         w/Staats Cottsworth, Ralph Bell, Virginia Kaye, Ian Martin, Robert Readick,
                             Ralph Camargo, Robert Dryden
  03/03/57 #57 Ballad Of The Iron Horse by Charles B. Smith
                         w/William Conrad as narrator w/Daws Butler, Jack Moyles, Dick Crenna,
                             Joe diSantis, Jack Kruschen
  03/10/57 #58 Air Raid Or The Prevarications Of Mr. Peeps by Archibald McLeish
                         w/Anne Whitfield, John Dehner, Betty Noyes, Frank Goss, Ben Wright
  03/17/57 #59 The Endless Road by Henry Fritch
                         w/Ralph Bell, Richard Beals, Robert Dryden, Dan Ocko, Guy Repp
  03/24/57 #60 The Harmonica Solo by Arthur Zgorous
                         w/Joe diSantis, Jack Kruschen, Lou Krugman, Shepard Menken
  03/31/57 #61 A Dog's Life by Elliot Ruskin
                         w/Ralph Bell, Tony Schwartz
  04/07/57 #62 Japanese Drama by Harvey Marlowe
                         w/William Conrad, Ben Wright, John Dehner, Virginia Gregg
  04/14/57 #63 Carlotta's Serape by Rose Oriente
                         w/Elspeth Eric, Staats Cotsworth, Luis Van Rooten, Brroks Atkinson
  04/21/57 #64 The Son Of Man - A Passion Play by Herbert Marshall
                         w/Vincent Price, Robert Young, Victor Jory, Raymond Burr,
                             Herbert Marshall
  04/28/57 #65 Light Ship by Draper Lewis
                         w/Ralph Bell, Luis Van Rooten, Santos Ortega, Dan Ocko
  05/05/57 #66 Nightmare by Elliott Lewis
                         w/Mary Jane Croft, Edgar Barrier, Elliott Lewis, Barney Phillips,
                             Paula Winslowe
  05/12/57 #67 The Long Way Home by Henry Fritch
                         w/William Redfield, Guy Repp, Roger DeKoven, Wendell Holmes
  05/19/57 #68 Heaven Is In The Sky
                         w/Frank Goss
  05/26/57 #69 I Have Three Heads by Mort Goldberg
                         w/Jackson Beck, Ian Martin, Bill Quinn, Ralph Bell
  06/02/57 #70 Epitaphs
                         w/William Conrad as narrator w/Parley Baer, Howard McNear,
                             Richard Crenna, Virginia Christine, Jeanette Nolan, Lurene Tuttle
                             John Dehner
  06/09/57 #71 The Sevens Hill Of Rome by Henry Fritch
                         w/Guy Repp,
  06/16/57 #72 Housing Problem by Henry Cuppner
                         w/Shirley Mitchell, Daws Butler, Shepard Menken
  06/23/57 #73 Meditations On Ecclesiastes by Edward Delopjoro
                         w/Edward R. Morrow as narrator w/Senator John F. Kennedy
  06/30/57 #74 The Battle Of Gettysburg by Roy Bannerman
                         w/John Dana as narrator w/Raymond Burr, John Dehner, Daws Butler
  07/07/57 #75 You Could Look It Up by James Thurber
                         w/Ralph Bell, Larry Haines, Harold Huber, Sarah Fussell, Joseph Julian,
                             Del Sharbutt
  07/14/57 #76 The Silent Witness by John Train
                         w/Raymond Burr
  07/21/57 #77 The Green Hills Of Earth by Robert Heinlein
                         w/Everett Sloane, Jackson Beck, Berry Kroeger, Ian Martin, Dan Ocko
  07/28/57 #78 Never Bet The Devil Your Head by Edgar Allen Poe
                         w/John Dehner, Eleanor Audley, Richard Beals, Alan Botzer, Daws Butler,
                             Howard McNeal, Hugh Douglas, John Dehner
  08/04/57 #79 The Heart Of Man by Richard Durham
                         w/Luis Van Rooten, Berry Kroeger, Ralph Camargo, Guy Repp
  08/11/57 #80 Malihini Magic by Sam Pierce
                         w/Lillian Buyeff, Lurene Tuttle, Ben Wright, Jack Kruschen, Sam Pierce,
                             Virginia Gregg
  08/18/57 #81 The Celestial Omnibus by E.M. Forester
                         w/Peter Lazer, Lee Vines, Luis Van Rooten
  08/25/57 #82 Sweet Cherries In Charleston by Richard Durham
                         w/Parley Baer, Roy Glenn, Ed Marr, Paul Frees, Harry Bartell
  09/01/57 #83 Grief Drives A Black Sedan
                         w/Alice Frost, Ralph Bell, Larry Haines, Jay Johnson, Bill Mason, Lee Vines
  09/08/57 #84 People Are No Good by Freddie Gorffe
                         w/Peter Leeds
  09/15/57 #85 Time Found Again by Mildred Kramm
                         w/Jan Miner, Dwight Weist, Ted Osborne
  09/22/57 #86 Young Man Axelbrod - An Old Man At Yale by Sinclair Lewis
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