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The Stan Freberg Show

     The following 15 episodes, heard over CBS, was a summer replacement for The Jack Benny Show.  Some of Stan Freberg's supporting cast were Peter Leeds, Daws Butler and June Foray.
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 30 minute format unless otherwise noted.
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  07/14/57 # 1 Tuned Sheep, Incident At Las Varoces
  07/21/57 # 2 Abominable Snowman # 1, Mount Rushmore
  07/28/57 # 3 Miss Jupiter, The Flying Zazlophs
  08/04/57 # 4 Paul Rever's Ride, Lox Audio Theatre
  08/11/57 # 5 Flying Saucer, Lawrence Welk
  08/18/57 # 6 Censor, Rock Island Line
  08/25/57 # 7 The Lone Analyst, Banana Boat Song
  09/01/57 # 8 Zazaloph's Return, The Good Humor Man
  09/08/57 # 9 Confidential, Abominable Snowman # 2
  09/15/57 #10 Build It Yourself Piano, Heartbreak Hotel
  09/22/57 #11 Canine Talent Agency, The Monkey Song
  09/29/57 #12 Rocket Sled, Sh-Boom!
  10/06/57 #13 Cocktails For Two, Teenage Werewloves
  10/13/57 #14 Miss Jupiter Returns, Sam Spillade
  10/20/57 #15 Final Program With Reviews
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