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The Black Flame Of The Amazon

     This 78 episode series, was heard over Mutual as a 5 times a week series mostly heard in the midwest.  Syndicated by Radio Merchandisers in 1938.  Explorer Harold Noyce is the main character.
Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 15 minute format unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  1938 #11 Harold Noyce, World Famous Explorer
  1938 #12 The Treasure Map
  1938 #13 Jimmy And Jean Eat The Treasure Map (VG+)
  1938 #15 The Jungle Ant Hill Torture
  1938 #21 Jimmy And Jean Plan To Fool The Indians
  1938 #22 Two Indians Are Overpowered
  1938 #23 Fireworks In The Jungle
  1938 #31 Limey Is Alone With Butch 
  1938 #34 Fireworks Scare The Indians (VG+)
  1938 #35 Attempt Fails To Leave The Amazon
  1938 #36 The Plane's Propeller Is Ruined
  1938 #37 Canoe Attack And After The Treasure
  1938 #38 The Country Of The Black Flame
  1938 #39 Living Dinosaurs In The Jungle
  1938 #40 Hunted And Being Hunted
  1938 #41 Battling A Giant Fish On The River 
  1938 #42 Correcting A False Map From Memory
  1938 #43 Indians Raid A Trading Post
  1938 #53 Morton Tells Jimmy About Rare Animals
  1938 #54 Stories About The Tribe Of Headless Warriors
  1938 #55 Jimmy, Jean And Quito Argue
  1938 #56 Harold Suspects Jimmy And Jean Are Planning Something
  1938 #57 Harold Plans A Trick Against Jimmy And Jean
  1938 #58 Harold Talks To Keytow About Jimmy And Jean
  1938 #59 Harold Has A Plan
  1938 #60 The Stuffed Snake
  1938 #62 Ants For Lunch
  1938 #63 Groagy And Limey Have A Disagreement
  1938 #76 Pedro Hears The Singing Drums (VG+)
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