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The Adventures Of Ellery Queen

     This series was first heard over CBS from 06/18/39 to 09/22/40 starring Hugh Marlowe as Ellery Queen.  From 01/10/42 to 12/30/1944 Carleton Young played Ellery over NBC.  Moving back to CBS Ellery was played by Sydney Smith, Santos Ortega and Ted deCorsia from 01/24/45 to 04/16/47.  The final move to NBC was heard from 06/01/47 to 09/21/47 with Lawrence Dobkin in the title role.  The last broadcast attempt was heard over ABC from 11/27/47 to 05/27/48 w/Lawrence Dobkin and Howard Culver in the role as Ellery.

Each of the following broadcasts were aired in the 30 minute format unless otherwise noted.
To order, select the following CD number(s) of your choice:
  01/07/43 #107 The Adventure Of The Singing Rat
  03/25/43 #118 The Adventure Of The Circus Train
  09/30/43 #145 The Adventure Of The World Series Crime  (Repeat Of 10/08/42)
  11/04/43 #150 The Adventure Of The Vanishing Magician
  01/13/44 #160 The Adventure Of The Mischief Maker
  01/20/44 #161 The Adventure Of The Scarecrow And The Snowman
  04/13/44 #173 The Adventure Of Dead Man's Cavern (AFRS)
  07/13/44 #186 The Adventure Of The Foul Tip (AFRS)
  08/01/45 #237 The Adventure Of Nick The Knife (The Mystery Playhouse - AFRS)
  11/07/45 #249 The Adventure Of The Message In Red (CBS)
  03/27/46 #269 The Armchair Detective (VG-)
                               (At 25:30 reference given to 1948 Red Cross)
  03/05/47 #312 The Adventure Of Nikki Porter, Suspect
                               (Gypsy Rose Lee, guest)
  09/07/47 #326 Number 31 (VG-)
  04/29/48 #351 The Tree Frogs (VG-)
  05/06/48 #352 One Diamond (ABC)
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