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     Old time radio programs are available to all interested in the early broadcasting history of this country.  We do not discourage non-members.  We make available these wonderful programs to everyone including the general public at large.  But by becoming a member, and supporting the archive, you can collect these programs at lower costs than non-members and gain additional benefits.
     Announcing available membership and benefits to AUDIO CLASSICS ARCHIVES.
     Annual membership:
     $30.00 for your first year (plus $6.00 for shipping and handling for a total of $36.00), 
         thereafter an annual $25.00 membership fee to renew.
     Select any 10 archive CD's free (worth up to a $70.00 non-member value) for initial
         membership.  These CD's must be selected from our "Programs On CD's" area.
     All member purchased archive CD's are $5.00 each, all the time, instead of up to $7.00 each.
         (Plus shipping and handling of $6.00 per order)
     20% reduced prices for all complete collection specials.
         (Plus shipping and handling of $6.00 per order)
     Access to previously un-circulated material.  Your membership helps to continue this
         access and the release of future new material.
     NOTE: Membership purchases do not build towards free offers available through the website at regular non-member prices.  We reserve the right to limit quantities.  No dealers, wholesalers, or retailers please.
     NOTE:  All recordings are sold for private home listening and enjoyment only.  No broadcast rights are stated, implied, or given.  AUDIO CLASSICS assumes no responsibility for unauthorized use of these programs.  We believe all programs offered are in the public domain and if anyone knows differently, please advise us so that we may confirm and withdraw the material.  AUDIO CLASSICS does not violate valid copyrights. AUDIO CLASSICS from time to time, is an authorized distributor of pre-packaged products and material which may contain service marks, trade marks, or copyrights of their respective publishers.
     I have read, understand and agree to the above membership benefits and conditions.  The archive needs the following information for your membership.  None of this information is shared, or sold, to anyone else.  It is for archive use only.
     First Name:
     Last Name:
     Mailing address:
     Zip Code:
     Telephone number:
     email address:
     You can email us at:

     You may charge your membership or join with a check.  Send to:
     Audio Classics Archive
     P.O. Box 347
     Howell, MI 48844-0347
     Call or fax us at:
     517-545-7577 Phone / Fax
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