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     Audio Classics® Archive has established a want list.  These are programs that have not yet been discovered, or the original master ET (Electrical Transcription) has been lost, destroyed or too badly damaged to save the program.  In other cases, we may have a copy of the AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Service) version of the broadcast but not the original network version.  Two listings following.  A list of the missing programs and a list of AFRS versions that we are trying to upgrade to network copy.  If you have these missing broadcasts, or know where we may find them, please let us know.  All information will be kept confidential.

The New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe
  11/10/50 # 4 The Case Of The Headless Hunter
Luke Slaughter Of Tombstone
  03/30/58 # 6 The Aaron Holcomb Story.  (FOUND & now available as AFRS)


AFRS BROADCASTS (We are looking for the CBS network versions)
Frontier Gentleman
   03/30/58 # 9 Gentle Virtue  (AFRS)
   04/06/58 #10 Powder River Kid  (AFRS)
   04/27/58 #13 Random Notes  (Stagecoach version)  (AFRS)



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