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Straight Arrow
     The story line for this series was of a young Commanche raised by a white ranching family to adulthood.  As an adult, Steve Adams would ride for law and order as Straight Arrow in full dress and warpaint of a Commanche.warrior.  This series and Red Ryder, were the only western programs to challenge the audience away from The Lone Ranger.
     Bill and Teresa Harper have headed the Straight Arrow Fan Club for years.  They also published the newsletter “Pow Wow” for many years, of which back issues are available.  For information, contact Bill Harper, 301 E. Buena Vista Ave, North Augusta, SC 29841.   
     The Following programs are the only available programs from this series to date.
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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  05/06/48 # 1 Stage From Calvaydos
  02/06/49 Inaugural Pow-Wow.  Special live broadcast. (15 Minutes)
  03/24/49 # 60 Land Of Our Fathers
  07/18/49 #101 Crooked Trail
  01/02/50 #156 The Leader
  03/09/50 #180 Scourge
  01/04/51 #244 The Wasteland
  06/21/51 #292 The Long Summer
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