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Radio Broadcast Log Of:
The General Mills Adventure Theater
     The series was an attempt at the way radio was, 15 years after dramatic radio left the air in 1962.  It was produced with a young audience in mind but just couldn’t last beyond the first year of its life.  Many first rate radio actors are heard throughout these episodes.
Broadcast History:
Network: CBS
  02/05/77 to 01/29/78
  Himan Brown
  Elspeth Eric, Ian Martin and many others
  General Mills
  Tom Bosley
  Court Benson, Teri Keane, Ralph Bell, Robert Dryden, Mason Adams and others
     Each of the following broadcasts are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
02/05/77 # 1 Kidnapped w/Kristopher Tabori
02/06/77 # 2 A Very Special Place w/Russell Horton
02/12/77 # 3 With Malice Toward None w/Skip Hinnant, Merry Flershem
02/13/77 # 4 Moby Dick w/Howard DaSilva
02/19/77 # 5 The Boy Who Would Be A Sailor w/Kevin McCarthy
02/20/77 # 6 King Solomon's Mines w/Ralph Bell
02/26/77 # 7 Caliph Of Bagdad w/Fred Gwynne
02/27/77 # 8 Pinocchio w/Evie Juster
03/05/77 # 9 The Railway Children w/Sarah Parker, Toby Parker
03/06/77 #10 The Other World w/Jada Rowland
03/12/77 #11 Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp w/Roger Baron
03/13/77 #12 Black Arrow w/Skip Hinnant, Ann Costello
03/19/77 #13 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea w/Paul Hecht
03/20/77 #14 Robin Hood And His Merry Men w/Kevin McCarthy
03/26/77 #15 Survival Test w/Jack Grimes, Russell Horton
03/27/77 #16 Jason And The Golden Fleece w/Kristopher Tabori
04/02/77 #17 Captains Courageous w/Skip Hinnant, Fred Gwynne
04/03/77 #18 The Bravest Of The Brave w/Jada Rowland
04/09/77 #19 The Last Of The Mohicans w/Ian Martin
04/10/77 #20 I Remember Alice w/Merry Flershem
04/16/77 #21 Three Swords w/Kristopher Tabori
04/17/77 #22 The Clown Who Wasn't w/Corrine Orr, Ralph Bell
04/23/77 #23 Lewis And Clark w/Mason Adams, Bob Kaliban
04/24/77 #24 Journey To The Center Of The Earth w/Ian Martin, Don Scardino
04/30/77 #25 A Different Ghost Town w/Corrine Orr
05/01/77 #26 The Red Badge Of Courage w/Kristopher Tabori
05/07/77 #27 Treasure Island w/Jim Dybas
05/08/77 #28 The Man Without A Country w/Russell Horton
05/14/77 #29 Three Tales Of Hans Christian Anderson
                          (Ugly Duckling, The Tinderbox, The Swineherd
                          And The Princess) w/Evie Juster, William Griffis, etc.
05/15/77 #30 A Coat Of Many Colors w/Tony Roberts
05/21/77 #31 They Called Him Slim (Lindbergh Salute, Part 1) w/Russell Horton
05/22/77 #32 Then They Called Him Lucky (Lindbergh Salute, Part 2) w/Russell Horton
05/28/77 #33 The Gold Bug w/Jim Dybas
05/29/77 #34 The Travels Of Ulysses w/Michael Wager
06/04/77 #35 Cinderella w/Catherine Byers
06/05/77 #36 Remember The Alamo w/Paul Hecht, Russell Horton
06/11/77 #37 Adventures Of Oliver w/Evie Juster, Court Benson
06/12/77 #38 The Boy David w/Skip Hinnant
06/18/77 #39 Three Times Magic (Jack And The Beanstalk,
                         Rumpelstilskin, Beauty And The Beast) w/Don Scardino
06/19/77 #40 The Eyes Of Vishnu w/Jack Grimes
06/25/77 #41 Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves w/Gordon Heath
06/26/77 #42 The Valiant Little Tailor w/Robert Dryden, Evie Juster
07/02/77 #43 The Sea Wolf w/Kristopher Tabori
07/03/77 #44 The Master Thief w/Paul Hecht
07/09/77 #45 The Sailor Who Wouldn't Give Up w/Robert Dryden
07/10/77 #46 Youth w/Russell Horton
07/16/77 #47 Mowgli (Jungle Books, Part 1) w/Don Scardino, Fred Gwynne
07/17/77 #48 Tiger, Tiger (Jungle Books, Part 2) w/Don Scardino
07/23/77 #49 The Man In The Iron Mask w/Paul Hecht
07/24/77 #50 Gulliver's Travels w/Michael Tolan
07/30/77 #51 Ivanhoe w/Kevin McCarthy
07/31/77 #52 Daniel The Oracle w/Don Scardino
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