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Bob Barclay - American Agent
     Bob Barclay was a foreign correspondent for the Amalgamated News.  The reality was that he was an undercover agent for the U.S. Government.  During the cold war that followed World War II, George W. Trendle took a lot of heat not only from the U.S. Government (cases sounded a little too close to actual operations), but also from the American press.  Hate mail arrived at the station continuously by members of the press because their felt that the weekly broadcast of the series was hurting the real life situation of William Oatis.  Mr. Oatis was being held at the time in Czechoslovakia on espionage charges and was a reporter.  In an interview to Newsweek magazine, George W. Trendle stated that the reporters were “too serious about themselves.”  But after a year of broadcasting, and under pressure from the Department Of State, the program was discontinued.
     The scripts were copyrighted by Trendle-Campbell Enterprises, Inc., and by The American Agent, Inc.  All scripts are in the Audio Classics Archive collection along with recordings of the rehearsals and actual broadcasts.
     Several scripts were submitted, but never produced.  The following dates are the submission dates for these two scripts:
     10/27/50 The Man In The Green Suit
     12/21/50 From N.Y.

     NOTE:  Two scripts were written for the 04/11/51 broadcast.  We are not sure which made the broadcast at this time.

Broadcast History
Network: ABC
  12/06/50 to 09/26/51
  George W. Trendle
  Steve McCarthy, Francis Striker, Tom Dougall, Ralph Goll
  Jay Michael
  Mars Candy
  Jack McCarthy as Bob Barclay
  (First Season)  A.C. Nielsen Rating 5.8 (1950 – 1951)
Wednesday - 8:00 p.m.
10/11/50 # 1 Woman Of Mystery
10/18/50 # 2 Honolulu Death Trap
11/02/50 # 3 The Papers And The Cast
11/08/50 # 4 Shanghai Crossing
11/15/50 # 5 The Double-Switch Trick
11/22/50 # 6 Yokohama Operation
11/29/50 # 7 The Black Dragon
12/06/50 # 8 Tiger Bait
12/13/50 # 9 Paris Calling
12/20/50 #10 The Red Danube
12/27/50 #11 Streets Of The Jade Mongers
01/03/51 #12 The Iranian Files
01/10/51 #13 Death Mask
01/17/51 #14 The Georgetown Robbery
01/24/51 #15 The Brussels Underground
01/31/51 #16 Dead Man’s Diary
02/07/51 #17 Destination Algiers
02/14/51 #18 Channel Rendezvous
02/21/51 #19 Treason’s Ally
02/28/51 #20 See Douaumont & Die
03/07/51 #21 La Bedouina
03/14/51 #22 The Surgeon And The Sword
03/21/51 #23 Storm In Algeria
03/28/51 #24 Mutiny On The Madame X
04/04/51 #25 Turkish Trophy
04/11/51 #26A Madrid Transfer
04/11/51 #26B Climax In Istanbul
04/18/51 #27 Death On The Campus
04/25/51 #28 The Underground Trail
05/02/51 #29 The House On The Hill
05/09/51 #30 The Man With The Camera Mind
05/16/51 #31 She Danced For Stalin
05/23/51 #32 The Siamese Twin-Plot
05/30/51 #33 Idol Of Death
06/06/51 #34 The Red Impersonation
06/13/51 #35 Hong Kong Film Search
06/20/51 #36 Packet C-1
06/27/51 #37 Mutiny On The Madame X  (Repeat)
07/04/51 #38 The Traitor
07/11/51 #39 Monsoon
07/18/51 #40 Singapore Fling
07/25/51 #41 The Scourge
08/01/51 #42 Jungle Rendezvous
08/08/51 #43 Barclay, Target
08/15/51 #44 Night In The Jungle
08/22/51 #45 Shanghai Explosion
08/29/51 #46 Out Of The Fog
09/05/51 #47 Round Trip To Macao
09/12/51 #48 Flight Of The High Lama
09/19/51 #49 The Shanghai Cigarette Case
09/26/51 #50 Tokyo Dinner Date
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