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     To help preserve and interpret America's audio broadcasting history.  By the time commercial radio broadcasting celebrates its first hundred years, most of what was produced will not be available to the collectors in general and the public at large.
     Since a large portion of early radio went out over the airwaves live and unrecorded, those shows are lost forever.  Early recordings have also been lost and destroyed over these many years in simply not preserving and caring for these discs the way they should have been.  Needing room during station growth periods, both local and at the network levels, much of the early recordings were just destroyed and tossed aside.  They were not seen as having any additional future worth.
     Of those electrical transcriptions (ET’s) that were stored and saved, many were not stored and saved correctly and today are deteriorating at a rapid rate, soon to be lost forever.  The best examples of these programs will be broadcasts in bad audio condition and harsh to listen too.
     A smaller portion of the hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of hours of these existing ET’s are still in great and near perfect state.  But time marches on and soon in the not too distance future these ET’s will themselves start the deteriorating process and we will also loose what little percentage of our broadcast history we still have.
     Like our motion picture and television legacy’s, we are losing our nations popular pop culture faster than we realize, and whatever we are not actively working towards to save and save now, will be lost forever in the near future.
     Audio Classics® Archive has committed itself to the preservation of these invaluable and historical broadcasts. In general, the term "preservation" refers to the process of gathering the best surviving materials from original ET’s, full and/or half track master magnetic tape recordings and other sources, and transferring them to the most stable format possible. "Restoration" usually refers to even more time-consuming and complicated projects in which altered or missing material is restored to these programs, bringing it as close as possible to its original broadcast form.  The removal of clicks, pops, skips, etc. which were not part of the original presentation.
     All of the preservation and restoration work done at Audio Classics® Archive is the result of hours of painstaking hard work, and sometimes in collaboration with other experts specializing in preservation.  Computers and digital means are increasingly used to improve sound quality in the preservation process.
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