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     The lending library offers Audio Classics members and non-members a way to enjoy the best of ďOld Time RadioĒ at a reduced cost.  The Librarian for the library is Neal Ellis.  He will take your requests, process your orders, and answer your questions.  Plus he will also assure that each CD is of the highest standards and without playback defects.  If you find anything wrong with a CD, just let Neal know and he will correct the problem immediately.
     You will find no need to supply us with an alternate selection number as with other libraries.  We will have extra copies as demands warrant.
     To contact Neal directly, email him at any time.
     Each CD, on average, contains 60 minutes worth of audio.  These are full fidelity non-compressed audio CDís and not MP3ís.
     You will enjoy the best known audio for each broadcast.  If better audio becomes available for a particular broadcast, weíre ready to upgraded our master, thus improving the library CDís.  Audio problems, if any, are noted.
     To order the programs you want, you must order the CD number for the programs on that CD.
  02/23/58 # 1 Duel On The Trail
  03/02/58 # 2 Tracks Out Of Tombstone
     For example, order CD013906 and you will receive the above two LUKE SLAUGHTER OF TOMBSTONE programs.
     Each CD rents for $2.00, plus $6.00 for shipping and handling per order.
     You can order up to 40 CDís per order.  These must be returned no later than 2 weeks from the time you receive them.  Our clock starts running on the date they are mailed.  We allow 5 days to you, your two weeks and 5 days getting them mailed back to us.  Anything beyond 24 days from the time we mail them, you will be assessed a $1.00 per CD, per day fine.  All CDís borrowed must be return in good condition and within the time limit before you can request the next set of, up to 40, CDís.  This would also include settling any late fines that might be levied.
     Any CDís lost, damaged, swapped, or otherwise not returned to the library in the same condition as received will be assessed $5.00 each for replacement and the borrower must clear this problem before additional CDís can be borrowed.
     All orders will be shipped via USPS Priority mail and we require a street address for shipments.  Please include a telephone number so we may contact you if there is problem with your order.  All orders are processed within 1 to 2 business days from the time we receive your order.  Please include rental fees using a check or money order, do not send cash.  You can use your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express credit cards, or PayPal account.
     Membership dues to the library is free with an Audio Classics membership.  Membership is $30.00 for the first year and $25.00 for yearly updates.  Dues are due within 30 days of membership expiration before any CDís can be shipped.  If you rent more than 500 CDís during the course of the calendar year, you will receive the following years archive membership for free.
     As an Audio Classics Archive member, you will receive archive additional discounts, specials and of course the free library membership.
     I have read and understood the rules pertaining to renting CDís from Audio Classics Archives, as posted on the website at , I agree to follow those rules.
     Please copy the following application and snailmail it to us, together with your credit card information and/or check to:
Audio Classics Archive Library
Neal Ellis
1505 Puffin Court
Pasadena, MD 21122-6026
     I have read and understood the rules pertaining to renting CDís from Audio Classics Archives, and as posted on their website at  I agree to these rules and conditions.  My check, money order, or credit card information for this order is enclosed.

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City: __________________________________________ State: ____ Zip: ____________

Home Telephone: ___________________________________   Date: ________________

Work Telephone: ______________________ Signed: _____________________________

Fax Telephone: _________________  email address: _____________________________
Audio Classics Archive Library
Neal Ellis
1505 Puffin Court
Pasadena, MD 21122-6026
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